Phenom-nom-nom -- Redux


Lumpy dirty potato spread slowly through Europe being brought back from South America to Spain in fifteen seventy. The Swiss believed that potato consumption would lead to infection of the lymph nodes. The Burgundy. Region of France outlawed their cultivation altogether. Some thought that spuds would cause sterility while others thought that they caused rampant sexuality. We Have Antoine Augustin Parmentier to thank for our fries, Mash and hashbrowns. Forced to subsist on potatoes on exclusively as a prisoner of the PRUSSIANS during the seven years' war poverty are not only survived, but found that he thrived. Changing public opinion was an uphill battle, however, even serving potatoes to the KINK who suffered no ill effects wasn't enough. Permit years genius stroke was to make. People think they weren't allowed to have potatoes. He had his land filled with potato plots and hired guards to protect it. Guards who were instructed to turn a blind eye to all theft and accept any and all bribes so that the public would steal the potatoes and grow them on their own land. After a time Parmentier dismissed the. And as he expected, the locals raided the land and stole almost every potato plant growing there. By the following year, nearly every farmer in the region was growing their own potatoes. The potatoes, geographical and botanical cousin. The tomato fared better initially. Spain Portugal and Italy welcomed it with open mouths, the rest of Europe not as much. Tomatoes were blamed for health problems in in the upper-class people who were willing to eat them. The wealthy eight from pewter plates, a metal, high and let. The acid from the tomatoes would lead the lead from the plates, resulting in sometimes fatal lead poisoning. Even the American colonies of the seventeen hundreds view tomatoes as a curious ornamental plant. Making matters worse the Tomato Horn. Warm a conspicuously ugly three or four inch, long green worm with a Red Horn on its rear that can ruin tomato crops was considered to be independently business, and as dangerous as a rattlesnake. It reality. You've probably seen them in your own garden. You can just pick them off by hand to dispatch them in whatever manner see fit. Lee Apocryphal champion of the Wolf Peach as tomatoes were sometimes known was New Jersey Gentleman farmer. Robert Gibbon Johnson. According to the Salem. Society in eighteen twenty around two thousand people. We're jammed into the town square. Johnson emerged from his mansion and headed up market street toward the courthouse, dressed in his usual black suit with white ruffles, black shoes and gloves try corn, hat and cane. At the courthouse steps, he spoke to the crowd. To help dispel the toll tales and fantastic fables that you've been hearing and to prove to you that it is not poisonous I am going to eat one right now. There was not a sound as he dramatically brought the tomato to his lips and took a bite. A woman in the crowd screamed and fainted, but no one paid her any attention. They were all watching Johnson as he took one bite. After another, he raised both arms. The crowd cheered, and the firemen's band blared song. He's done it. They shouted. He's alive. We, know the tomatoes and potatoes come from central and South America but lots of foods don't come from where we've been led to believe. Let's go to a lightning round real quick. Croissants art from France they were created in Vienna Austria in sixteen, Eighty, three to commemorate the defeat of Turkish forces who were attempting to tunnel under the city and were heard by bakers who were up in the early hours of morning, beginning their trade. The Anna also gave Danish pastry. Sorry Denmark. French fries are Belgian and pulp. Fiction was telling us the truth about the manny's. Though it comes in many flavors, so give it more as ALII. Philadelphia cream cheese was invented in New York and don't bother ordering London Broil. In Britain, it's an American monitor for cheap top round steak to make them sound fancier.

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