Trace Fowler of Chatterbox Sports Interview - burst 09


You're out in the slot. It's a small school I'm here to tell you that that to be quite frank with you. The fan base is from those programs in the swap. Almost just biggest fan basis in some of the larger schools and I'm not going to throw names out there, but but I genuinely Nenad your. Harrison's your Ross. Is Your Edge Woods in? In and I didn't really get a chance to be talent as much as I would have liked to last year, but you know. They brought crowds, and and they care about their high school sports, so those leagues our schools are are all small nature for sure the maybe perhaps the product on the field isn't as high of a level as you would see in GMC but but from a caring standpoint. Sunday, standpoint they are, they are one hundred percent there and then from our end. You

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