Interview With Gary Beeber


Well. Hello everyone, and welcome to another podcast from frames magazine. My name is Scott Ulsan today I have the real honor and the real pleasure of talking with a member of the frames community Gary Bieber. Gary's work is most recently known to those of us on the frames. Website. For a shot called moonlight of a pool slide but his work goes well, well, well beyond all of that he's been featured his films have been featured in more than eighty five film festivals. His photographs are collected by fortune five hundred companies and shown in galleries all around the world He is a photographer of immense breadth and really really interesting depth to the content Gary. Welcome. How are you doing today? I'm doing great. Thank you. The now now is a great in intro you WanNa work for me. I'll make my next career just writing intros for people. How about that? I I WANNA start with the picture that most people have frames will know you buy and that is the picture moonlight. Now I gotTa Tell You I'm a midwestern kid I'm a suburban kid born in Kansas. City grew up in Chicago. That pool slide is as iconic for me as it is for anyone else when I I thought I was really struck. So tell tell me the story of that picture. How did IT COME TO BE? Well I This is part of a big series and every night possible a ido out on I photograph fly and the slide we we moved here. Three years ago, and the first thing I saw I had seen it because I didn't actually see the house but the first thing I saw was at full slide and that was the first thing I wanted to get rid of. And fellow while the stress strangely enough one night for the hell of it I took a picture of it. And I was just for the hell of I posted on facebook not nine what the response. Would be on the response was huge. It was the biggest response I had ever got up told that time and repeat where people responding to their own memories of pool slides or to the quality of the image or what was the response about well, the quality of the image was not fantastic because I talked with my cell phone I'm apt to do that too. But I think people responded I always think people respond to a picture because at south. Maybe. Brings. Back. Childhood memories or whatever. But. In any event I what I do as I out all the time if it's there for me as right there and it changes all the time I started do just love it and I started to See it as an art object like I started to see it as a sculpture and it changes in you know all times a year all times day and I I just I just really. I don't know. There's something about it i. think it symbolizes for me suburbia. And I. Was GonNA ask about the title why did you call it suburbia versus pool slide versus Vita versus anything else? Because to me just. At just symbolizes leaving suburbia on it doesn't. You. Know I don't know that they even really happy mate pool slides like that anymore. I don't know maybe they do but I just thought as something Why does it symbolize loud I? Mean that's just like AMERICOM. And that's what I liked about. I should tell people who are listening that. You can see this image on the frames website. You can also go to Gary's own website Gary Bieber dot. com. And see it as part of the suburbia series. It's a very simple slide. It's got a slight bend to the left as you come down but it's not one of these contemporary overly complicated deals. It's very flowing very graceful. Why? If I may on I. I didn't do a two. All am I use photoshop obviously. But I really didn't do all that much with that image with an image, I did use some lighting. and kind of a yellowish lighting on that. And it just. So happens like a couple of times a year on you get the you get the move in that position usually there's nothing the except cloud sometimes it's over that slot and got it at the right possession and I shot it I probably Shaw. Hundred pictures, white bath that night and I I really didn't have to do all that much to it, and then a Lotta Times all US duo town because I love that. but I just did pretty much a straight on color shot.

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