Trump Says He'll 'Probably' Deliver Convention Speech From White House


Were in the middle of a pandemic, right? So this campaign for president is a different sort of an animal. And you're not going to see big campaign rallies. You're not going to see big campaign events. You're not going to see big national conventions. The Democrats have scaled down what they're going to do in Milwaukee. Maybe just have a couple 100 people at their convention site in Milwaukee, all Social distancing Vice President Biden announced today that he will not even go Till Milwaukee to deliver his acceptance speech. Cognizant of the pandemic, the virus. And obviously this is a blow Donald Trump. Cause all Trump cares about is getting up in front of people. He likes to watch TV. He likes to be on TV. He likes to be in front of people at one of those big old rallies. So you take away the rally from Trump You take away the big convention. From Trump. And you leave him. With an ideal like this. That is so wrong. Trump can't deliver a big convention speech. So he's considering delivering his acceptance speech at the White House. On the south one No, I said earlier on a bunch of people have said our number by the way. 844305 78 100 very well may be illegal. It may be a violation number one of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal officials from engaging in political activities. The Hatch Act typically exempt the president and the vice president. But not any other official any other White House staffer any other official Ah federal official in Donald Trump's administration. So you're delivering a speech on the South Lawn of the White House, and you got a couple 100 of your White House staffers and executive branch officials there on the lawn, the White House as you deliver a campaign speech. That will clearly I'll be a violation of the Hatch Act for each and every one of them. The second law that maybe broken is you cannot use official government property for political for campaign purposes. I know there's no better violation of that. Then using the White House to deliver A campaign nomination acceptance speech.

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