Marines call off search for 8 missing military members


Wildfires chased thousands of people from their homes in Riverside County, east of L. A. It's barely contained this morning and burned 31 square miles of timber and brush. So far, only one home has been destroyed. A search it sea south of there for eight missing US service members has ended. Facing up to a harsh reality. Those seven US Marines and one sailor who went missing after the amphibious assault vehicle they were in sank off the California coast last week are now presumed dead. The Marine Corps announcing Sunday that the search has been called off, the troops were taking part in a training exercise near San Clemente Island west of San Diego, when the 26 ton tank like Kraft sank and hundreds of feet of water Eight other Marines were rescue. The one later died, too, are listed as critical. The Marine Corps suspended water born operations involving that type of vehicle until the cause of the sinking is determined. Karen McCue FOX NEWS, Florida

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