Primary results: Kris Kobach loses Kansas Senate primary


Primary season and in yesterday's contests, Progressive Democrats scored two high profile victories. While a conservative aligned with President Trump lost to a more mainstream Republican in Kansas. NPR's Susan Davis is here to sort through results and tell us what this might signal about November. Let's start with the Republican contest where former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach lost the GOP Senate primary to Congressman Roger Marshall today you wrote that this is a win for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. How so? Well. Marshall was McConnell's preferred candidate. The Senate Leadership Fund, which is an outside Superpac align with the leader spent over $2 million to help Marshall win. McConnell, like many Republicans believed that if Kobach had won, he would've tanked the party's chances of holding to the on to that seat in November and very likely could have taken the majority down with it. A word of caution here, though, Marshal is still not a sure bet. There's still interesting things happening in Kansas, and that race looks like it could still be competitive. And I've talked to GOP strategist who say it's gonna You know they're going to keep investing in Kansas to keep it in their column, but ultimately this is a seat that will be harder for Democrats to win and the battle for the Senate carries on.

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