Why is Drinking Water So Unaffordable for So Many Americans?


Our guest today are Nina Connie and Mary, grant and together we're GONNA find out why so many Americans can't afford drinking water. which is interestingly the one thing that every human being needs to survive. Nina and Mary Welcome. Hollow. Thank you for having me. I. Guess coming on. So we're here. We're grateful. Let's start off by just giving our listeners a a quick little who you are and what you do you know if you'd like to start. Show I am a British journalist based in New, York comnet environmental justice reporter for Guardian us. Basically interest is in. Who has access and who doesn't have access to clean. In water land, green spaces that sort of stuff. Exactly things that are necessary. Awesome will thank you for joining us Mary what your story. So I'm are the public water for all campaign director at Water Watch. We're a national nonprofit environmental organization in the United States and the heart of what we do is grassroots organizing mobilize regular people to build political power to move the bold and uncompromised solutions to our most pressing food water and climate problems of our time once again, like a couple slackers. Brian. Yeah. Who are these who got aim higher? Credible. Thank you much awesome introductions and then quick reminder to everybody. Our goal here is to provide some quick context for our topic today, and then we'll dig into. Action oriented questions and actions that everybody out there can take to to help fight in support alongside guys. So that people have water which seems like an insane thing to have to ask but where we are Awesome. So Nina in Mary, we do like to start with one important question that we ask everyone to set the tone. FOR THIS FIASCO So instead of saying, tell us your entire life story we like to ask. Why are you vital to the survival of the species and whoever would like to go first by all means jump in. And You didn't answer the harder question which was like, what's my name entitled early? I feel like it's only appropriate Mary steps up for this. Be Bold be honest. You are here for a reason. So water is just. For life everyone every person every living thing needs water in the heart of like what I care about what I'm mobilized that energized work on its mixture people have access to water that we're protecting our water supplies the future of the planet in for people from everyone needs water. It's just a basic human rights. It's a matter of justice and so I think it's not just me. It's a me being able to work with people being able to work with our organisers, our communication team great journalists like Nina to get the stories out there so that we can protect our water supplies a mixture of access to Internet homes. I mean again yes. Sounds like you could hire pinal. Thank you. Nina, what's what's your story I? I've already been living in the US but once? Before moving here I was. I was a reporter covering Central America Mexico of what lots of countries what can we've communities who have few little as and don't have access to these basic fundamental things like clean running water I did not expect to find the same in America I mean, this is supposedly the richest country in the world supposedly in the best of Western civilization and yet they're all millions and millions of ordinary Americans that in twenty twenty do not have access to clean running affordable water that is wild i. mean it's completely unacceptable and it's not no. I mean I feel like it's become normalized in this country you know for poor people to be. Pool people and people of Color and native Americans to be punished just for who they are. Into and not have access to these basic services and even things like clean air and adequate food, etc but it isn't normal it end really. America cannot claim to be the best in of. Civilization and democracy and and the richest country in the world and have people during the pandemic not having. To wash hands with I mean.

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