Countries offer help to Lebanon following massive Beirut explosion


To help Lebanon cope with the aftermath of the massive explosion that killed at least 135 people at last count. And injured more than 5000 others as NPR's Ruth Sherlock reports. The blasts flattened buildings, crushed vehicles and left city streets covered with shattered glass since Lebanon's prime minister made the appeal for countries to help heal Lebanon's wounds, offers of aid have been rushing in France says it's sending dozens of emergency workers, a mobile medical unit and 15 tons of assistance. The office of President Emmanuel Macron says the aid should be able to treat about 500 people. Children is also sending a military field hospital and Egypt says it's set one up already in Beirut. Russia has pledged five planeloads of assistance and support workers and Poland, Greece and the Czech Republic are among the many countries sending rescue workers and sniffer dogs. To help dig through the rubble in search of the missing Ruth Sherlock. NPR News on Wall Street stocks closed

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