Trump and company could be under investigation for bank and insurance fraud



Donald Trump and the trump organization may now be under investigation for possible insurance and bank fraud Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance says, he is justified in demanding trump's tax returns citing public reports of extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the trump organization in his court filing vans pointed to reports that trump inflated his wealth to potential lenders and business partners. He urged a federal judge to toss out trump's new legal effort to prevent prosecutors from getting his tax returns and other records. From his accountant's three grand jury subpoena the Supreme Court earlier this summer rejected trump's bid to block the subpoena ruling that presidents do not have immunity from being investigated for crimes by state prosecutors while in office. Even if the DA succeeds in obtaining president trump's records, they are unlikely to become public because they will be shielded by grand jury secrecy rules. Trump has since responded to the report team that it's quote, a continuation of the worst witch hunt in American history

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