TWiG 571: The First Rule of Pixel Club - Tik Tok+Microsoft+Trump, Samsung Galaxy Unpacked - burst 18


Bloomberg This wouldn't be for Free Google would pay Samsung billions of dollars perhaps. To to use the assistant instead of Bixby I think bixby's not one for this. I honestly do I don't think anybody. EXPEDIA bixby in a related story Cortana also not long for this world your. ECHO. Google voice and Siri Siri Way way behind at this point. So what do you think? Fast though if apple just. Like apples you know I like apples the company that will one day just be like, oh, by the way, we're giving you an update and now Syria actually understands you want. If it comes from anybody B- Apple with a yeah. Yeah. More than Google. Well. You don't. You don't see apple make the incremental steps they just suddenly like boom. We're here whereas Google will take you through all the the steps. Here's the reason I I agree with you apple's clearly working really hard augmented reality. spectacles. And that's to be twenty, twenty, two probably. That's where you would really want a SM- a good assistant. yeah. Good voice interaction with somebody who actually understands you because otherwise I mean you don't have a keyboard you'd have a mouse you just have you can look in your voice that's all you have. So that's Right, if they're going to do that, that's when they do it. They could be optimizing so like Amazon and Google both optimized for voice only for awhile then Google added displays and.

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