Reflections with Wye Oak


Welcome back to the noise podcast on host Adrian Spinelli coming to you from San Francisco California. We've been working on having the Band Wye Oak, join US different I studios this past march earn episode talking about some of the most memorable music they released over the past decade plus. But then the pandemic it towards got cancelled world fell apart you know the story goes. But. Now a few months later pleased to say that we've got JEN wosner, Andy Stack, Wyatt, joining US remotely. Of course, for the first installment. In the series, we're calling reflections. On reflections, artists will take us through musical points on timelines of their careers, listen to the songs and then talk about everything from production process songwriting anecdotes, emotions they were experiencing at the time writes stories you've never heard and a lot more. The past fifteen years why okay have been incredibly rewarding band across their sixth studio albums and more. While originally from Baltimore both Shannon Andy. North Carolina and they each have solo projects out as well. Flock of dimes Jen enjoy Arrow for Andy. It recorded had been a part of live ensemble bans on their lot. Of. Negro so Vanessa L. Lamb chop a co-produced suckers lunch the latest album from Oakland's madeline. Kenny, and there's a new OK. P called new horizon you the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Out July thirty first on merge records. We'll talking about that album and everything that came before. It's because it's been a winding road to get twenty twenty for why oak and we'll be circling that path throughout this episode. Reflections on the northbound. PODCAST. With. Okay, we're on the line with JEN wosner and Andy Stack of y Oke Jen's coming from your derm. Now is our in North Carolina where you're at. Yeah, close enough. I don't want to tell anyone any closer to be honest with you. Andy is in Delaware right now hanging on the beach Ojai I'm in Delaware yes. This is a series where were calling reflections. Hopefully, it's that the first of many installments into the series and we're going to go through some songs y okay. Songs through the years and I'm excited. Talk you guys. Welcome. Welcome to the northbound podcast. Thanks for having us. Thank you. As far as the reflections knows my thought of the name I just had the Diana Ross and the Supreme Song like China. A song playing in my head. I could somehow Ford the clearance to play that song on the podcast. It would. Right now sounds like you get you get a theme song already you're good to go. I. Know Right. If you WANNA hire us to do sound like that would be fine to why oh, covering reflections by Diana Ross and the supremes the sound alike, no one needs and nobody asked for. who well so let's let's talk a little bit here. You guys have definitely speaking of you guys have not settled at all you guys have been super busy the last three or four months here, and there's been there's been a lot of Wye Oak music coming out, we're going to play a couple of those songs. Are you both originally from Baltimore Yeah, we're both from Baltimore. We grew up about fifteen minutes away from one another and. Actually get this out of the way in the no horizon EP is out on July thirty first on merge records Y. Okay. IS A. Is a core merge band if you will you guys have been with merge since. Two thousand nine correct maybe even sooner. I think two, thousand, seven. Yeah. First record came out in two, thousand, two, thousand, six, hundred, thousand, seven I can't remember a long time ago.

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