Lexington, Prague and Life inside the US Open bubble


Tennis is back and it is back courtesy of to tournaments in Lexington and Prague. which have taken place over the last week that meant that Katherine Wichita was presenting tennis on television once more Matt's round of applause for Katherine. How good was she? Splendid. You've made me do around of applause well, holding microphone in one hand is difficult but Katherine. Presenting, tabby look very, very easy as she does. Did you do it. Yeah I really did I mean total shock to the system I had to wear non elasticated wastes I had to. Get up before nine am and. Work. That's D Work I mean a lot of that work was watching tennis and talking about it, which is no hardship expertise violins out for me, but it did take. A couple of days of adjustment and I did I did parise my tally wardrobe and veer towards the items that did have elasticated waste say no longer in the suitcase, which now is buying up yet it's been the Kobe. Pack the. Case. To take to St Louis Park. Containing my my tally jvm. Isaac. is any impact through week Stockley Park is where the video assistant referee job isn't it for the football? Yes I've had a va or seminar at Stockley Park. I've you know from? The the BBC. SNOOKA, coverage is coming out of the an adjacent studio at the time. So I was I was mingling with Ken, Doherty and Stephen Hendry all week. So blockbuste-. TENNIS PUNDITS CATHERINE was presenting Amazon prime videos coverage of Lexington We will talk about that. We'll talk about Prague, we're GONNA be talking about the USO and people that are playing people that are not playing other pullouts this week Rossi GonNa talk to Dan Evans. The British number one on life in the bubble he arrived over the weekend. A chat with him last night. So we'll hear from him about what it's like over there. 'cause we can't go this year, which is going to be a bit weird but. At least it looks like it is going ahead from a sports playing tennis playing perspective. At least we'll be something for everybody to watch. But the the event itself in. Lexington am I right in thinking that that was Put. Together in about a month's yeah I believe four weeks. Was the time line. Say, John Saunders, the tournament director over there they had some from Octagon, the management company and they do or they haven't passed hosted a challenger event. So they do have some experience of hosting tournaments but it a very very. legit respect, low level and they they three together this this tool level event four weeks notice. which. ADDS the eyes of the tennis world's on it. The top seed Tennis Club which. Is positioned adjacent to retirement home and with a fairly main road running across the back of the center court. Along which there were. Removals, vans and cement mixes and pickup trucks. Interrupting, interrupting the days tennis frequently. And it was all delightfully quaint and so apt somehow because tennis is more humble. Now upon its return in tennis players are having to be more humble and so it felt kind of really perfect that status his return I know we had Palermo last week in. Pro Pro concurrently, which is a more established tour van but to meet just felt really perfect that it was as as humbling as it was a setting. And even more perfect. He had kind of tennis's biggest superstars at the moment Serena Williams, coca golf and Venus Williams who emerged as they. See Pistol once again,

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