Victims give impact statements at Golden State Killer sentencing


The man who has confessed to being the Golden State killer is back in court. Today in Sacramento, KCBS is Megan Goldsby reports from the state Capitol. He's listening to impact statements from his victims, their statements of anger, hate and pain but also some of forgiveness and just confusion. Peggy was 15 when she was raped repeatedly by Joseph D'Angelo after he broke into her Sacramento home in 1976, tying up her sister in the next room. We were lucky he didn't kill us, she said, Like many victims have that she's been plagued by nightmares after 42 years. I still always look over my shoulder when someone approaches me from behind. I still sleep with two phones in the keys on the bed when my husband is away and I still check windows and doors multiple times before ing before going to bed when I'm alone, D'Angelo has admitted to 13 murders and 50 rapes from 1975 to 1986, along with kidnapping, robbery and some other crimes. A plea deal will mean that the former police officer will spend life in prison as opposed to the death penalty. The sentencing is Friday. Here in Sacramento. Carol Daily, read a statement from rape victim Cathy Rogers. The nightmare has ended. He is the one forever alone. In the dark in Sacramento. Megan Gold Speak KCBS

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