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Real 92 3, You can kiss me Traffic center. What? Out for a stall on the four or five South bound in Burbank Boulevard That's in the carpool lane. Traffic is stopped and go from Sherman Way this reporter sponsored by Staple stores. Staples helps your business with amazing prices this week a 20% off your install purchase of all hand sanitizer Mass in other Peopie products, go to staples dot com slash 20 off people. E For your coupon in store only offer ends a 22 exclusions. Apply C Store for details Staples. I'm Lonnie Swaine with traffic on Real 92 3 Ella's new home for hip hop. News with a new perspective, Any indoor gathering of a large number of people is risky places where they're singing or chanting those Khun really spread the virus stay informed all day every day till your smart device to play the Black Information Network Station on the I Heart radio app. Hi. I'm Randy. And this is Dave were the founders of bomb bus, the most comfortable socks in the history of feet so comfortable we sold and donated millions of pears to sell and donate a lot of socks.

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