The Ultimate Cheat Meal - #610


Professional. My energy I laughing what what, what, what, what you want from me. Well, I feel like. My energetic intro dead immediately went into like I'm going to counteract that by being like it's. You. GotTa. Have them the complement each other. You can't just have all energy. That's true. All the yen's to my Yang. Though. That's I I've been drinking one white claw every week and I think. Hold on. I know that just be the story right there. I've been drinking one Mike Claw a week. Every week and it's just a funny thing to declare. Every week on the podcasts up in grabbing one from the box of twenty, four I. Think there were three missing. What I started this is the last one is really been doing. Twenty. One weeks? Now, this five months almost next week will be five months that we've been doing number. March twenty third. In Office kind of. A year. This. We. Were we miss the steak off already wherever you do about that we're going to miss ice cream Sunday Monday. Cheat this time. We'll do a double stake of next year Gavin. You what we should do. Okay. Eric this happen. On the day we're finally back in the studio doing the podcast. Again, we're going to do everything every event we've missed all in the same episode we're GonNa have a stake off. Yeah we're GONNA Sunday Monday. If we're still not there by shrove Tuesday, we're going to do that. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A. TACO. Monday. At all of all of them were going to do when we get back, it's going to be such a big celebration. Where every event in the Episode. Sunday, Sunday Monday, but. You said Taco Monday which was Tuesday. Wasn't it tucked away Tuesday Monday. Right and then Sunday Monday steak off and Pancake Day collection will do them all. I'm all for it. So what you're saying, donate anything two days leading up to the vet because the podcast is going to take place at Golden. Corral. Could we make a sandwich with instead of bread it's pancakes and instead of like Ham, it steak. capsulated. About this poor syrup over it and just take out of it. But K. should a pancake steak sphere now state ball Eric. So that way, I can do exactly what you say and somehow still get everyone going that actually wasn't right. Do you think you did exactly what I said do you think that's what happened Say Chats pretty excited right now chat. Chat Hi. How We're going to make a sandwich with pancakes and steak or what is Gavin saying he? Type of pizza. Pizza Pizza. Oath pizzas fear. Yeah. So you gotta some aspect of pizzas fear in the piece spear can be. Of The encasement. And Inside Is Different sized pancakes going up at the widest diameter. It's a rabbi and smaller pancakes. Covered in pizza between two slices of Bread I. Hope you write that down. Yeah I. got it. I do that exactly and then everyone would be like this isn't what he described and then send me an Eric Andre did it for years ago but I've never seen it so. Eric. Most defensive about this I'm. Miserable, we have something to look forward to finally. At the end of all of this, we can look forward to this grand event we're going to have we we have a reason to keep going if I want to eat. A pancake steak sandwich. That's what I'm. GonNa do the day we're back the office. Somebody chat set a ball. Is this fear? Yes. But what we would what we described. was. Pizzas getting bigger and smaller to make the spinoff. It's not just a clump of pizza which is. Which I'm not sure. Live I'm in your corner man, it was fantastic. I think you did the best you could with the information you had but I think what is picturing will never live up to what actually happens because what don't you understand about it you just described what I made. It's. It has a diameter no the middle that's the largest and the sizes change. Its equidistant from left to right is it is up to down, it's what I made. Pizzas fear. Gavin just wanted a bunch of pizzas. Stacked on top of each other from smallest to largest to smallest again, opera totally gets it. That's what I made. Notes yes. What I made and then I rapped pizza around it. So that way it held its shape it's I. Never got the description. I never got the description of what you made I ate what you made at some point but might have been like an early version. But if you did do the stack and then just wrapped it I, think you did exactly what you're supposed to do exactly. What I did. Let's ask. I did exactly I did exactly. What happened I drew out. Any time I get it I. Did it damn it I. Did it every way you wanted it left right and center, and you couldn't appreciate it not. Our second could even love it the way you should have you couldn't. You couldn't give yourself over to the pizza sphere. Camden. New I did it because I know? Okay all. Doing I. Didn't I forgot that that was on the inside. What you did is you blinded the creation you encased Four it didn't appreciate it hold. It wouldn't hold the structural integrity of the pizza was sad you had to think about this build a building wouldn't get made without rebar things have to. Hold the structure together Gavin I know I know, I. Didn't do it slow enough for you. So you could put it in six hundred frames a second but. I made it the way you want it you understand me and south. America Andrei Clips, sending me the Eric Andre I like to I like pizza too pizzas very. Twenty one weeks warranty. Pizzas past. July. Last year. This is where we're at now. It's been over a year since the pizzas fear blue everyone's mind. Ideals attorney blow people's Mind I. Feel like. Disappointed, everyone but that's only because I didn't truly understand. The construction. But now you do. Fishing for it now I did. Yeah. But let's return to our plans of the day of binging. When we return to working at the office and all the food, we're GONNA, make on the same day for the same podcast. I had.

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