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Hey Paul this is Hannah Hessman August. Seventeenth is national nonprofit day. My favorite kind of nonprofits are museums. Of course, all our favourite museums are locked down right now struggling to get through this virus like the rest of us. So I thought we'd celebrate them a little and I challenge you on that note to find a great podcast created by a museum. Go. Well Hannah under most other circumstances, this would have been a minor challenge. But as it turns out, we have a mutual friend that has a podcast about museums and that same friend was my eighth guest on this show. For my first recommendation, I'm going with museum archipelago. When the host Ian Elsner was my guest I mentioned an old episode about the Apollo Eleven landing site. But I'm not going to take the easy way out and I'm going to suggest to newer and very relevant topic statues. In this episode and talks about the relationship statues and museums, he goes into the tearing down toward causton statue and one of his guests talks about the slippery slope. So to celebrate this National Nonprofit Day learn about a nonprofit consider donating time or money to one that you believe in and let us know using the National Nonprofit Day Hashtag. Today's guest is Hannah Hetman. Hannah's the writer and producer of the Vagina Museum podcast. Yes. You heard that correctly. In New York there is a sex museum which I've been to. In Iceland, there is a Pinas Museum which I haven't been to. And now there is a Johnny Museum which opened in London in two thousand and nineteen. The podcast. Liked the museum is all about smashing shame and stigma around the vagina through awareness education and route puns. The first and recommended episode is entitled. See you next Tuesday as in the letter C. and the letter, you would you like me to wait for you to figure it out. As most people know there are many terms for the vagina, but there is one that stands out as the most offensive if you still haven't figured it out, it starts with the letter C and ends would Tuesday? This episode answers a lot of questions about that specific word. For last recommendation Hannah recommends if people saw that slavery was getting started why didn't they stop it by Q. and Abe? She says and I quote. This podcast is produced totally in house by President Lincoln's cottage in DC. They take questions from their guests. They can't answer at the moment and die super deep into them with the help of historians to address big ideas in American history loosely connected to Abraham. Lincoln. Of course, but it's so much more than a podcast about Lincoln Unquote. For. Today's episode hot sauce. I'm going to relay on link that Hannah gave me. If I got stuck trying to find an episode related to this day. Hanna is the owner of better lemon creative audio that produces podcast for museums, history organizations, and cultural nonprofits. So check out the director she created that anyone can add to. Come back on August, twenty fifth where I'll be talking about close a topic I have no business talking about.

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