Its Not In Your Head, It's Your Microbiome

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Good Morning Karen. Bradley coming to you. On, this bright morning here in the Philadelphia Area I want to share with you something that popped into my mind. And that is it's not all in your head. I feel like it's time for me to come clean with you all. It's not all in your head. All of this struggle, the striving the trying to create practice in your life the feeling like you're on the wagon off the wagon, all of this. Oh, the struggle that we go through. Thinking that we're not enough thinking that we can't stay consistent with anything. It's not in your head. I've spent my entire career motivating empowering. Doing whatever I can do. To support people in feeling their best. Performing their best and about a year ago I learned that it's not all about mental motivation. It's not just about willpower and your inability or ability to stay consistent. So much of what we're dealing with right now, my friend has to do with what's happening in our gut. The Gut microbiome, the GUT brain connection. Is. Absolutely. Essential. In, staying, consistently, healthy, staying consistent in our in how we eat how we move how he sleep what we say how we act. If our gut microbiome, which is your gut environment, which is really the combination of non human bacteria and viruses in our bodies. When that is out of balance, which it is, I have to tell you for probably ninety nine point nine percent of us. Our Gut microbiome is out of balance because of lifestyle. Pharmaceuticals poor nutrition stress, right? We've all got that. Because of that are microbiome is out of balance and because our microbiome is out of balance or what's called in despite. What happens is the neuro chemicals such as Serotonin, dopamine and Gaba Norepinephrine, which is produced and stored in our gut mostly. All of those feel good and motivational neurotransmitters are imbalanced and not supporting. US effectively. Now, this conversation goes away past just six minutes, but I I needed to get it out because I've spent the last year. In deep deep understanding of how are microbiome affects our mental wellness and I want to talk to you about it. I haven't chatted with you about it up until today in these morning messages. But honestly, I'm spending probably fifty percent of my work day in how this microbiome of ours affects our mental wellness and how by improving or what's called modulating microbiome through nutritional supplements through stress reduction through improving our sleep and more how improving or microbiome improves mental wellness.

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