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Just aim and make that the problem that needs solving what they tell us about how you re right because you actually had a pretty interesting off between. Okay. So we've talked about the thing I'm so sorry this is turned into your life by the way. I mean, look for those of you who are listening I mean you can probably guess that her brain and I. A friends and I'm friends also Hula and I'm friends with Shell like I. Love these guys and I just think the history is is really interesting which is why I'm bothering to draw it out in podcast, but you didn't just go straight from. Straight from post into into things, canary thinks had a previous incarnation. Really. Tell us about that. So. So it's actually interesting because leaving things I knew that we wanted I wanted to try to build a product company. and. My earlier hope was actually slightly more ambitious than that of multiple products ends vision of you just buildings and then split them off and they'll go become companies on their own. And one of the things you figure out as that everything you build actually takes a whole bunch of efforts to get it to market I. didn't know the product that we wanted to build yet. So lost left sense post roll already headed huggy up version of multi go and so he went it's today did on that and made it better and better and better and when I left I had like four or five ideas. One of them was a west of believe it or not. One of them was like, how can we detect badness on this thing? One of them were solving? Remote Password resets as lame as that sounds like the Susan unsolved from a short list of them. And my plan was to find customers could pay me to solve that problem for them with understanding that I could then resell that as a product and and so instead of raising money said I'd go to a customer and say, Hey, this is a big problem for you pay me the bullet for you and after I bullet for them might sell it to other people and so we we tried a few problems and then there's a division in the because one of the first customers that actually did stuff like this fall we built aversion Ibuka version of wikileaks for Ozier, Jazirah. I'm really surprised that you actually a named that because I was prepared to ask you a question about the work you did for I broadcast because this is not something you've really spoken about publicly before is it? No I haven't. Not for a huge secret, but but just because like like generally customer names adjust not what? You did a lot of work for Aljazeera for quite a bit. And I were interfacing with very senior people in that organization. So. So what happened was it started with a friend of mine who worked there said that they needed or they were interested in wikileaks prod program, and this was way early when Wiki leaks was the darling of journalism soap. So you took this is when wikileaks was cool. It wikileaks was cool and all the journalists wanted them and already aljazeera was saying they wanted own platform where people could leak stuff to them. So I spoke to them a little bit and we actually bought a really cool thing for them like like considering when it was. Tells you. It's age it was a Java applet that loads on the client machine. Would negatively tool and natively PGP. Of with the logic that the stuff you want to leak never leaves your machine without being encrypted with a key that's never shown on the Internet. So on your machine gets encrypted and by the time, it reaches the Sava it's natively toward. So the Selva doesn't know who sent it. You can just pull that stuff off the server end up PG peaks update later on and what year was this This was twenty, ten, late twenty ten. So. So it was super cool an and advantage for but. And while I was doing it the whole of Egypt solution habit and I was looking at the at. Aljazeera. Win when Egypt cell. And Up Ultra Zito got taken off the edge and at the time what what I figured out just by accident by being there was that datebook that security meant having a file and here was all that was covering a what was becoming a Adam Spring. But literally, they had zero reveal understanding of security of like everything you can think off flat network and also it's such an interesting business model right? Like like everybody hits the John Lewis but journalists literally have. Some journalists have all the interests of a full blown spies except they publish everything end. Actually vamping up in cotton wool isn't the solution because putting stuff out there is what they do. So, ended up speaking to the general a at the time and. I proposed a bunch of products that I said we could vote for them again with the view to these would be great products A. Outside. And we agreed on a contract where we could hold a bunch of things like how would you know you owned? If you were journalists how would you know that your devices will own stuff like? And the interesting thing is he said look you can do this as long as you come over here to Doha welcome at you. And a at the time it was just my wife and I we said Okay let's let's go do a Doha holiday and see how that works. It turned out to be super interesting. Of An and when I got there, I saw the breath of their problems. And they then went through management changes like a a new data general came in who turned out to be A. Royalty and he was more interested in locking stuff down and at that point I said to them hey, listen he does these projects that we're doing for you but I'll leave. And he said look, can you build also security team and so? Essentially, what I did at that point, and at that point things was just me. So, I had the ability to and I said okay. Hired their team that team up and and something? That's that's not spoken about in the Canadian origin story is after I bought that team and left them like at still periodically. Not so much consult for them as as like give advice to some of the executives like like the head of the new media division or the head of ED Technology Division. and would canetti pitched idea to them of dropping honeypots as as a way to get insight into the new. Satellite Networks and they didn't implement normally they they used to do everything I'd say, and they didn't over two visits and that's when we started to figure the hold on these people want to do it. They just not getting around to doing. And we need to make these. Yeah. The problem that needs solving is is making this thing so easy that people who want to will do it. End. Of the time see sewing them was super interesting because it gives you an interesting view again into the. House coming off ten years of. Ridiculously convoluted hack sense post right because in the position I ended up in like just get involved when it will cool hack. So cool customers and so you end up with these really cool technical problems. And now you walk in an actually your problem is solving. You'll analysts it. Yeah. Journalists in Morocco sharing.

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