Are Anchor podcasters different?



Anchor podcasters. Different is the platform full of dead podcasts as some say it is. News takes a look and discovers a number of differences between anchor podcasters and those on other podcast hosts. Alexa play the US podcasting news podcast on Pandora. Pandora users in the US can now use Alexa smarts because to listen to podcasts. IHEART radio is on the hunt for the next great podcast. It's a competition to develop and launch a show on the platform. It's open to podcast is worldwide. Company is also also working on an original ten parts narrative sci-fi thriller podcast there be monsters that'll be available. Later, this year in the UK Bible magazine has just released issue ten. You can read it for free on the website. It Features Charlie Brooker the receipts and Jamie laying and lists all kinds of podcasts to listen to. Patron has lost a lawsuit brought by fans of Owen Benjamin, a comedian banned from the platform. The call to action could according to some commentators put Patriot out of business. Are Now has exclusive sales representation. All Star Burns, audio shows Lipson has hired Richard Hays has their new CEO and here's what else you need to note today the New York. Times has announced opinion audio team. You'll find all end names in our show notes and our newsletter today. And in caused news investigative podcast trace, which one number of awards is back a new season. This time it's looking at the case of Nickelback Gobbo, a former, Australian gangland lawyer and police informer,

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