2020 Emmy Noms & Reactions

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Daily pop. It's a very big moment in Hollywood this morning. The emmy nominations were chest revealed moments ago, and we will be celebrating with some of the nominees. Though surprise, guests are coming up, so you will not want to miss it. You guys, but we got to start off with the ladies up for lead actress in Drama Series Right? The category is Stack Jen Aniston. Sandra Oh's and those are just some of the big names who is going to take the win. What do you guys think? I just think Zendaya is GonNa take you was this show that everybody was talking about? It was unbelievable and not everybody got to watch the morning show with Jennifer Aniston because. Apple TV was not readily available so I think Zendaya is going to take this I was not paying the fourteen ninety nine. GD! There was so many submissions one hundred thirty five submissions. This year for this category lost those. So things I think women I'm kind of with you. Just although ozark for me has been one of my favorite shows forever and ever and. Laura Linney could take it out that. Could get in I. could not get into. It was like I. Really Try just I couldn't do it, but that's just me. All right we gotta talk about snubs and surprises, though big little lies when pretty much everything? Last time it was nominated. But this year came up short. No Best Actress nomination, no best limited series. I'M GONNA. Ask what you guys think about. These into getting snubbed a little bit. Should've been made, I thought. Was Okay, but they should've kept it at season one. They should have just wrote it out, but you know what Merrill got nominated. Laura Linney got nominated. She is Gucci ever. Reese Witherspoon as a producer of this show. This is a win for her, so she is as though she got snubbed. She is nominated because two of our actresses were. Absolutely. Strong enough season two. Why did you like season two as much Morgan I know you were saying earlier before the show? Why you're putting me on glass. Scott, I mean maybe I didn't want to hear that I just felt like. The first season was just too hard to top to be honest. It was so good everything was everything about it was so hook line and sinker. Everyone was invested as I just feel like. They wanted to ride out that high season two was okay, but you never want to have your second season just. Just be okay I just felt like even though Merrill we all bow down to Merrill. She can handle any role. I just felt like she wasn't going to save it. And although she got nominated, she gets nominated. It's just that's just what you do. She acts that well. She deserves it all the time. I just what Jessica said I. Don't think it should have been made I think we should have just. Episodes in the second series. I love the song. The second series is still a Mike Finish shoot and I'm never finished it, so I thought.

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