Power of Stakeholders (Don't Rush to Demo) - Jen Ferguson


Today's tip comes from John Ferguson Jen is a results driven business leader with two decades of experience in sales marketing and leadership. She's recognized as one of Lincoln's top one, hundred sale stars, and as the founder of sales nine, one one she helps organizations shift to become more revenue focused and their initiatives and optimizes the customer life cycle. Here she is. Night is about the power of stakeholders so in discovery, everyone wants to rush to demo. Your prospects rush down sometimes you WANNA Russia Demo because you get all excited in your like Tommy boy in the diner and he loves his little sale and apex in you know loves on it until he kills it because he rushed to demo without knowing everything he needs to know you want to get them to demo fast there's no doubt about that but you also want to understand all of the variables and so sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. So understanding the impact is so important. Not. Just for the person you're speaking to, but for all the key players that are going to be impacted by this change, how much they're paying costs at a deeper level for each department, each stakeholder, all of the contributors who are going to be part of this decision process. Nobody buys anything in a vacuum anymore. So understanding all the variables, a super important taking that opportunity be curious in explain why you want to make sure you understand all the variables, believe it or not setting expectations. It's comforting as you tell them why tell them? The next step is interviewing stakeholders to understand the impact of the organization to make sure that all of the stakeholders will get value out of making the change. Sometimes. In discovery, you can win or lose if you don't have a complete picture. So slow down to speed up, follow me on link Dan for sales tips, motivation real talk, and being a woman in sales, and then just sometimes funny stuff. So hope this was useful care

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