Iranian Report Details Chain Of Mistakes In Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Plane


What I think we'll start with was the factual report at the Iranian civil aviation organisation issued regarding the downing of Ukraine International Airlines flight, seven, five two. This is not a final. So. It doesn't have a probable cause. However it had a missile fired upon it and then crashed so I mean that's the 'cause we nobody. factual report lays out the chain of events, and they have wonderful graphic. That is an actual chain in the report. The chain of events that led to the downing. Of PM five two, so basically, this occurred on the early morning hours of January beginning of this year after the Iran military goes on heightened alert because of responses, they're responding with missiles to the killing of Iranian general by the US so tensions are high, the Iranian military takes over the clearance of flights in the area, so they know there are passenger flights. In the area. That, is designed to make sure that a civilian entered doesn't get shot down and that was one of the first steps that didn't work. So what happened was is the aircraft is cleared to depart, and is following a correct trajectory, and we've discussed this in the past as far as looking at ESP data from that particular flight previously as well as all the other flights that left that morning, and there was nothing out of your Neri that the eighty s day was showing us the first chain of events that the Iranian reports out is that they relocated one of the air defense units so basically a missile battery was moved, and they failed to recalibrate it so. What was actually a departure from the southeast? It saw as incursion from the southwest, so very stupid, very minor mistake that had such incredible consequence. Right so at this point. This particular missile operator sees the aircraft as not. A seven thirty, seven, climbing out of Toronto but coming at it from the South West. So it targets the aircraft and then the. Is Supposed to notify the command center of what it sees of what the battery seeing and to get more information authorization authorisation to identify particular target and fire. If necessary, they never got in touch with the command center. And then the operator didn't identify the target as a pasture craft, so have an incorrectly identified target, and not having her back from the coordination. Center the MISL- operator fired a missile at what he perceived to be threatening target, but was in fact, a passenger aircraft, and so this first missile is according to the report is the missiles that not necessarily impacted? Your corporate exploded near enough to aircraft to disable the aircraft and then following basically one hundred eighty degree. Turn to the right. The aircraft crashed a few minutes later. As every incident we've ever discussed a lot goes wrong for a crash to occur, and this was no different. It just wasn't in the aircraft. It was on the ground, not anything completely unexpected here that there was just a complete failure of process, really any secure procedures much like the Malaysian jet that went down the triple seven. This is also terrible,

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