Tropical Storm Isaias Brings 'Enhanced' Tornado Risk And Possible Power Outages To New York City


We begin with tropical Storm DCs added this way after making landfall overnight North Carolina as a hurricane. It's a tropical storm now, but still has ah lot of dangerous components to it. Our chief meteorologist Craig Allen, in the Weather center, tracking it for us, Yes, it does. Even though Overland, there's still enough components and the water close enough by so that it's holding its own, and it's around 70 mile per hour winds. Sustained for the storm. I think most of our area is going to see 30 to 50 miles per hour sustained winds for about a 4 to 6 hour period this afternoon with gusto over 70 and some of the strongest wind gusts and the potential for water spouts would be right along the coast line, moving inland, so spit up little small spin up, tornadoes could occur just about anywhere in the region. There is a tornado watch in effect until four o'clock flash flooding is occurring in western Jersey, as well as portions of eastern Pennsylvania from the heaviest rain which will stay west of the city. But we'll get our downpours and the farther east to go. The less rain you'll see. But you'll have stronger winds. Where is on the other side of it? You'll have more rain and less of ah, damaging wind for the for the Western counties as we see it right now. Also, one thing to mention the coastal flood warning is still in effect for title flooding in times of high tide late this afternoon and this evening, especially up the Jersey shore to the south shore of Long

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