NBA turns to Microsoft Teams instead of digital cheers


All right. Pro sports might be back. But right now, you don't find any fans in the stands to compensate Major League baseball's resorted to adding digital fans and cheers to TV broadcasts. Kind of creepy when you started seeing those fan cut outs behind home place, But that's late is the N B, a just resume playing basketball games in its co Godfrey Bubbling Disney world, and they came up with a different idea. Using Microsoft teams. You see, they have this mod called together Move. Up to 300 so fans can be virtually added to the courtside seats, appearing on 17 foot video screens that wrap around all three sides the court so together Mo tries to make everyone feel like they're all sitting in the same room sharing a I and also like looking at different backgrounds, and so now they're gonna do this for basketball fans actually want to look at this. People will appears. If they're sitting next to each other courtside. They can interact with each other. Almost like they're really They're almost looks kind of strange. Uh, but then you start thinking about it. Microsoft might be on to something of this. As long as they don't drop the ball on it.

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