L.A.'s Chateau Marmont Is Becoming a Members-Only Club


Hollywood Tangalle to the shots or Mo monty set to become a members only hotel by twenty twenty, one, the owner Andrey Bellagio announced last week his plan studer and the ninety one year old hotel into an even more exclusive place Monaco's own report bounds who is no stranger to drink or two at the chateau school yards pass more on this story. Because of its geographical location and it's very comfortable accommodations, it really became the Hollywood hotel almost from the beginning of Hollywood. Sure, you'd look into chateau because you needed a bed for the night, but that could mean any number of different things. The Chateau was a hotel synonymous with sex drugs, rock road, death, infamy, madness badness, and depending upon your face and fame, simply the price in position of your room. The subtlest suggestion that will be things were okay. Sir. Just fine. Just sign here. Maybe get some rest. James Dean. Let through the window to begin his audition for rebel without a cause chateau. Natalie, wood reading a role for the same film at the age of sixteen. When able with a direct. Ray Hotel. She got the part Johnny Depp said, he'd made love to Kate Moss and every single one of the chateau sixty three rooms and their Zeppelin might have done something similar to just supposed to be not a waste of the same girlfriends. Used to push their groupies around on drinks, trolleys, killing two birds with one stone I suppose. Jay Z. and beyond say three parties, the Chateau Vanity Fez bash was held that all these people were following the lead of Jean. Harlow Arrow Flynn Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart who used his labyrinth of rooms, terraces, bungalows, and conveniently dense foliage to conduct love affairs track notoriety while the angry spouses and nosy gossip columnists. architecturally, the Chateau is a weird dark gothic thing but as far more in common with Hollywood. With the Black Dailia Boris Karloff and Vincent price than with the area modernism of nine. Hundred. Sixty S Los. Angeles. It was not macrobiotic was not a detox. It was not up at six for a swim. It was still up six for a swim. From the proud sunset boulevard is your approach it. It's not unlike Disney's Cinderella Castle. But one where a night with John Belushi really would convince you that six hundred, nice could talk. So the shadows going members only, and that is a little sad because there is a sort of democracy in the access granted by the price of a Martini and seeing who else is the bar. I saw VESTA stallone and his mum having T to Capri looking a bit too warm at an art party, other discussion with Richard Lewis, comedian and rival of Larry David alone about reverend at the bar. He was unsanitary green light, considered it a waste to be. So, you could become a member why not? You could just turn out and smile. Maybe it'll stay the spiritual home of that time honored Hollywood hustle. For Monaco? I'm Robert Bound.

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