Boston - Massachusetts governor activates up to 1,000 National Guard members


Parker. Here's what's happening. Over the weekend, Governor Charlie Baker put 1000 members of the Massachusetts National Guard into active duty in order to help city and town officials. With unspecified issues, though the governor's order did not give a detailed reason for the activation, his administration said the order was given in the event that municipal leaders require their assistance but also coincided with a weekend. It's on violence crop up at and around demonstrations. Over policing and racial justice and other parts of the country. State police Colonel Christmases that explained a little bit about that move. So the state police remains committed to facilitating those First Amendment gatherings. They are large gatherings that continue to happen. In it in an era where, let's not forget things like terrorism, the use of motor vehicles as weapons all the normal things. We did three epidemic, we would continue to dio. I think the call up of the National Guard was a nod towards ensuring that we would have the capacity to continue to be able to facilitate those First Amendment gatherings and make sure that people could be hard about ordered to remain in effect until further notice from accident.

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