Why Are Potted Tomato Plants Wilting?


He also has a question which is very interesting. He Scott some beefsteak tomatoes that he's growing in pots. and. He's He's getting some green tomatoes and you know getting getting some harvest but he's he wonders why the leaves are always wilted any any says you know it's not moisture because he's very careful about you know he he waits until you know he sticks his finger down when they start to get dry a water them thoroughly leave him alone. Maybe just one to two times a wiki waters though so he's he's wondering if it isn't moisture wire the leaves wilting. No I'm not sure I can answer that however. They tomatoes and many other fruit fruit trees, and so on. Have to pump a tremendous amount of water to develop a fruit. And Tomatoes being quite watering I'm just simply guessing that there's maybe not enough route on them to peak to be able to pick up enough water to do the site well, the increase in size and tomato, and hopefully flavor to as well as keeping the league's going there comes another consideration and that is many many plants some that we don't pay much attention to because their. Leaves, hardened and states fairly stiff but eighty six degrees. If I remember correctly is the turnaround point where plants they don't die fortunately, they just shut down their their physiology turns around and and it shuts up what we'll call. Well, they are called stole mates on the bottoms and sometimes ops of the leaves and in some plants even on the stems to where the plant Preserves the water it is within, and then as water is still leaving the leaf to a certain degree and it's not being pulled through by the the normal action from route to top IT, they just may wield over and I'm betting that Bhai Ten thirty eleven o'clock at night they're starting to plump up again and by morning those leaves are probably and pretty much normal but by ten o'clock. In the morning when the sun hits them, which needs to do and then the winds and whatever they're just simply drying out beyond their capability to move water through. I'm guessing it's either or both of those things.

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