Meditation: Listening to our Life

Tara Brach


Today's meditation is on listening to our life. And you might listen to your body as you feel your way into the sitting posture. And make sure the two qualities really we look for an sitting is at I. Comfortable. In other words a sense of easiest. And also alert. Awake. You find yourself settling in your posture. Literally is closed or partly closed. sear tension to primarily inwardly. Dan, breathing. Together, a long slow breath. So inhaling deeply filling the chest and lungs. Slow out breath. See if you can relax and let go with the out breath. Inhaling deeply again. A slow even out breath letting go. Letting go. Again, breathing in filling the CHASTA lungs. And with the out breath releasing. Relaxing letting, go. Then, allowing the breath to come back into its natural rhythm. Observing the BRAFF observing the body. Noticing if there's any areas of obvious tension or holding in your body. And take some rooms to give yourself that gift of letting go. If it's the shoulders. Since the possibility of relaxing them back down some. Softening. Letting whatever tightness or tension might be there flowed a bit in awareness. It helps to make sure the Hams arresting in a soft easy relaxed way. Let the chest. Be. Open. In. The belly soft loosening relaxing. Continuing to scan your body incense anywhere else that might WANNA. Let go a little. In widening the attention. Listening to the sounds that are here. You can listen not just with your ears. But with your whole awareness. Receiving the close in sounds. Like the sounds of these were. The sound that are in the room. And the space you're in? Spaces between the sounds. including the more distant sounds. Receptive. To the most distant sound you can perceive. Sensing the boundless awareness. That includes even the most distant town. Relaxing back into this openness. Simply listening.

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