But they also heard some powerful words. A number of family members of black people


Powerful words. A number of family members of black people who have been hurt or killed in cases that have caught public attention. And we should know that this event had been coming together for some months now, But many people that I spoke to you did mention Jacob Blake. Another name in the list of names that they say is just far too long. We've seen activism in the streets all around the country this summer and violence in a few cities and their guests was a lot of talk about what this all may mean. Come November. What was the sense that the march yesterday which was peaceful? Yes, There's something striking to me was the urgency that I heard from people around voting as I was actually walking around. There were volunteers. It seemed like every corner actually registering people to vote. I want introduce you to one person I met. Her name is Stephanie Lion. And when the 1963 march happened, she was only 11 years old, and her mom told her she was too young to go so she couldn't go and felt like she had to be there. And the other thing that she was very insistent about. Is how she planned to vote. I

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