Theo going to the case and the island regularly, ah, this


You, Theo going to the case and the island regularly, ah, this There's certainly something different about the summer, but I felt like it was important for us to connect with some of our Our friends and people who operate some of our favorite menus on the Cape and the islands on the show today, and certainly one of mine eyes crew. Ah, truly one of the most extraordinary iconic locations on the beautiful island of Man pocket right there in Nantucket Harbor, and we have Partner. Jane started on the phone with us. Jane, How are you and Tine? Thank you. Thanks to her the need. Ah, nice connected. You and I have had the pleasure of Of Ah, nor you for a lot of years on and watching through become truly one of the most. Ah, beloved restaurants. I think, probably in the world in some senses, but certainly in In New England. So you know, I want to give folks a little bit of an understanding of how things feel on Nantucket. We have already heard from from the vineyard. They will hop to the other island and Can you give a sort of a an overview? Does it feel similar doesn't feel vastly different Howard things now that were now in the heat of July. It's

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