How To Stay Centered When Youre Skiing Off a Cliff With Angel Collinson


Great, to meet you yeah Sundays to meet to shout out to my friend Josh Simpson for mixing our mutual friend Josh MCI totally. Thanks Josh. How did you get into meditation? Well. I was always really interested in Buddhism growing up. I'm not sure why I ski raised at a pretty high level from a young age and I've found that it was just something that I was already doing to clear my mind before competitions. But really what got me into it was when I started doing some more of the quote unquote extreme stuff and also finding my spiritual identity or just the way that I wanted to relate to life in the way that I wanted to find meaning for my own life and I'd heard a lot about meditation and I was dating a boyfriend that helped get me into it and that was about ten years ago. Would your practice look like now? Now, I have a lot of time that I spend on the road and I really liked to use APPs yeah I, really love your up. I also really love Waking Up Sam Harris's up I'm here. I mean he's really good friend and he's a great teacher. Yeah. Both of those are awesome nurtured head space but there's something about the APP that keeps me accountable I. Don't necessarily need it for today practice, but sometimes, it just has more accountability to make me sit down for at least ten minutes every day. But usually I like to do some different sort of breath work and. Short visualization stuff. You know that's really helpful like visualizations, a tool that I use both in my meditation practice when I'm trying to still the crazy chaotic water sometimes that life. Presents us with and you know visualization also like every day in my skiing practice when I'm trying to visualize my lines and stuff I take time in the morning to kind of run through the ideal scenario that my life would like that the run would look like and sometimes it's three minutes and ten minutes sometimes it's forty five, but it's just whatever I can make time for. Okay to use the term line. Yeah. So. What does that mean? So, align basically refers to the run that you ski down the mountain. So what I do is it's called big mountain skiing other people that aren't familiar think of it as extreme skiing, but they get dropped off in helicopters and it's up to us to choose the way down the mountain and. Everyone's second. I'm sorry to interrupt you because you're underplaying this I just watch the videos you you just like casually said, yeah we get dropped off in helicopters like it's no big deal. A helicopter takes you and put you on top of really stand place where nobody's supposed to be like don't even yaks of their. Whatever mount goes nothing. Is like the tip of a sort of a at the top of a mountain but it's kind of like a ridge. It's a running ridge and this line I saw you skiing they dump you out of a helicopter and you ski down and then like there's like a little avalanche following you and you're jumping off rocks. It's crazy. For you. I'm still here. Yes. Don't do it again we'll have to wait. I can't imagine how your parents feel watching this anyway. So you're saying line is they dropped off the helicopter and then you kind of it's actually not a straight line you're skiing down you have to ask you can't. It's not like a well groomed straight line course you're skiing around obstacles Yeah it's pretty challenging art to master because what we do is we fly into the basin of a mountain Rangers Cirque and then all the athletes stand at the bottom and we look up at the face right the mountain face and there's cliffs there's a little sub ridges. There's all these things that you kind of have to get image in your head of how you want to navigate through the obstacles and how you WanNa. Make your unexciting how you're GonNa manage what you just called the avalanche we call it Slough. It's loose moving snow that isn't technically an avalanche, but it can. Sweep you off your feet if you cross under it. So it's this whole navigational plan that you have to make in your head from the bottom. But then when you fly the top get dropped off on top a lot of times, there's blind rollovers you can't actually see the markers and so it's kind of this art form of piecing together. What you thought was that little cliff, the tip of that rock that should be really easy to identify and making share. You know you're fifty feet to the right of that and kind of doing that the hallway down it's yeah, it's exciting. That's one way to. I I watched a video of you and I recommend everybody watch these videos because it's. Just to say somebody. A big mountain skier or an extreme skier does it zero justice? You actually need to see it and we'll put in the show notes. I. Was watching a video of you and you can see exactly what you just described. You're standing there looking at the face of the mountain and you can tell your very concentrated. You're taking it in and it sounds like internally you're visualizing. Go, and then I saw you put abandon over your whole face. Was that part of Leser messing around. Okay. Happens more often than the visualization to be honest. But so you're looking you've been doing this long enough. You've been doing this a pretty a pretty small and you're looking at them. So you you're able to really take in what am I seeing here in is this feasible but then I've also read that you get in the helicopter to go do the thing and sometimes you just referenced it sometimes, you see oh that what looked like a little cliff is actually something different, i? Don't know if there is such thing as a little cliff but anyway and do you ever decide oh? No No, I'm not doing this thing. Yeah. I think that's also where meditation has really helped me because sometimes it's easy to let what you think. You're capable of or what you think. You can accomplish for that day get in the way of the reality of things you know maybe it's the conditions or maybe it's you're not firing on all cylinders or whatever, and being able to back down actually as. People ask you like what's your proudest moment you know and I would say it's times when I stepped away from stuff that I really wanted or knew I was capable of but had to have the self awareness to be like this isn't the day for it and you know we learned the hard way too. That's how you learn how to trust your intuition is. Follow it and things go wrong and then you're like Oh that's what that was trying to tell me

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