Sara Haines Talks Being The Best Mom You Can Be

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You know I knew I could be the mother I wanted to be to one and I knew I could be a great mother to and I I think this you yes. I think I can be a great mother to my third and I don't know beyond that I thought such A. Such A. Wise. Honest thing to think about like what kind of mother do you want to be and physically what band with do you have to be everything you'd want to be for each of your kids I'm curious mean I. You know obviously your babies very little still but have you been able to find ways to be the mom you want to be to each of them and what does That juggle look like so far I think first of all the journey of Parenthood, not just Motherhood Parenthood in general is a roller coaster there ebbs and flows. So catching me on a good day, I might be like this is what it's like in the next day just kind of like what the heck is going on here and like completely confused for the most part I found I'm. Pulling it off, but I have to limit because to be my best self I have to have things for me. I have to nurse Sarah isn't there not where mom not worse they are the wife not Sarah the daughter where who I've become as you know, the forty two years on this earth who I am I have to have her in there and I have to nurture her and I think As women, not even just moms moms takes it next level, but women tend to give outside of themselves. So to be my best self, which will ultimately mean for the kids have to carve out time that allows me to grow in my marriage and to grow with my girlfriends and grow in alone time and I think you can't your hand in every bucket there's just not enough to go round so. I'm definitely at my capacity right now not in stress but in availability I some days have it all scheduled other days don't get to anything and barely feel like I pulled the day off but I see glimpses of the ability to do it. It just isn't a habit yet or discipline and it comes and goes, but it's there. I think beyond this I would be losing my morale ability to be my best self like I think depression anxiety can cloud you and if You dip into that you're not even seeing clearly for what you have and I think by getting addicted to meeting another soul, I would be compromising. The balance had already for me right? Not for them. What are things that you do to stay close to yourself? How do you not completely give yourself away during that process because I think it's something that we talk a lot about here at conversation have think with like every mom out there. Selfishly, we asked this question to. The biggest thing is and I did this when I was single too I think when you are not married not having kids, you are so to yourself, it's usually a career. If you're in Newark, you know. So you consumer and with the not putting down cell phone, you can really consume it all day long and whether you're not dating and you're like, I'm just working too much put everything off and you can hide in a career because. There's achievement there. There's feedback their success, and then I think you have to remember that somewhere along the way you don't have a life and job will get you in a second and so I remember ways being big on what's my hobby if I had not a day on the beach to walk a lot but if you literally had one activity that makes you happy what is it? Is it reality TV is cooking is it working out? Is it? For me, it's reading I love fiction just love a good book I literally TV I can get anxious watching and space off and be like I, wasn't even paying attention to work it. I try to I. Mean I I'm kind of laughing 'cause work for watching the Bachelorette. My job to by. Research really over achieving I. DO I have a for But breeding to me is addictive. It's. Intoxicating literally, leave myself and come back and I had the array of emotions and feelings. So if you can lock into what you love and give that to yourself in small doses for me, I have to read before I can fall asleep. So even on an exhausted night, I might make it one page on an iphone. So. It's a paragraph other days. I can't put it down and to me that fills me a Sarah and those places I can go on any story, any adventure, and even though young kids keeps our lives very insular and confined, and we're not very mobile I can go anywhere in a book. And so for me, that's what feeds my soul.

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