States mull how to carry out Trump order on unemployment aid


They have sort of extended the federal unemployment aid to four hundred dollars except for only three hundred of that is coming from. Washington the other hundred supposedly coming from the state states have no mechanism in which to issue stuff like that. They have no extra money. So, many of the states wanted issue that extra money and the three hundred dollars is supposed to be siphoned out of the jess account. And it's unclear that he has the legal. Right to do that. It's faster relief money. and. Then there is an option for some agencies to halt some evictions. And If I had to guess I would say unlikely that's happening and then the only thing that's even worth anything I think. Is that student loan payments are deferred until December, thirty first but the debt is not Canceled forever. And I don't know how the interest accrues over that time. But. This is not going to is the pressure. If that's what they're thinking. Because people are going to be starting to hurt soon, Mnuchin said the other day that they'd be able to turn around this unemployment staffer by Monday. Now. He's singing a slightly different tune. Well, it's GONNA. Take a little while. is going to be a real problem for people. And I think trump is gonNA feel the pressure.

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