A Democracy at Risk

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Welcome to the this is a podcast about politics race and culture from a PC perspective I Medina wholesome and I'm. And today we have to Itt all-stars, call you their homes in quarantine. Yes. Yes. From Winston Salem North Carolina is Tina Vazquez but she's a senior reporter with prism and a twenty twenty I to be wells fellow with type investigations. Welcome back. Tina. High for happy ache and joining us from Atlanta Georgia is the fabulous Russia. Brown Co founder of black voters matter what's up? I'm so happy to be back. All is well and we're so. We're so happy to have you back to. so it's been. Intense that's kind of. An understatement in China. Living here has been intense in this country from the pandemic to racist police violence I mean even this Sunday, there was a five point one earthquake in North Carolina where you Live apparently the largest and over a century. Right. Here in Harlem trees fell down last week because of the storm. So this is just a very first question to ask you how you doing. So Tino, we're going to start with you how you feeling I am tired all the time like I can't complain really too much everything is. Fine but I'm very tired. Okay. Yeah. Short and sweet the TASHA. Who would be a podcast in itself I told you I. Felt. New podcast. How feeling? Is. What. I am I'm having actually every human emotion you can have, and I'm having an all at the same downtime. I'm angry, sad, scared frustrated hopeful fired up every motion human emotion. You can have I'm having and this moment of few weeks ago I myself actually tested positive for covert Nineteen Latasha. It. was the most nerve wrecking name Sweetie. It so I'm here for you sweetie. Oh you understand. Thank you so much and I'm so glad that you are will I had a mild case of but I think more than anything. It's the worry because you don't know how it's going to respond to Matty and then I'm worried about people being around me and being around my family. So I am just petitioning for a twenty two over I was just like a lot of talk to about this. Talk to the manager I need to recite twenty. She's a woman by the way. Exactly I know. So listen. I know first of all, thank you for sharing that. Latasha and. My heart goes out to you for anyone has to go through that especially in this time but we do want to discuss the twenty twenty election. It's less than eighty five days away. As if we're not on edge enough this year and honestly I'm going to come in as the Puerto Rican reporter. I have news to share with everyone in the world. What are we just had a primary election on Sunday complete Shicho. Alison show up two pressings. There's calls of. Delaying. It and moving into next Sunday and it's just it is complete. Chaos down in my home island colony, and I'm very worried now that this is just a prelude to what's going to happen in the united. States on election day November but we want to talk about the power of voters of color and the issues of voting rights. The backdrop of this election season is the coronavirus pandemic. There are now five million confirmed covid nineteen cases in this country, and the number of those infected has doubled since the end of June and then we still have to mention. Joe Biden's comments last. Thursday during a joint. National Association of Black Journalists and a BJ and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists which was an h j of what he said. What you all know. But most people don't know unlike the African American community with notable exceptions. The Latino community is incredibly diverse community. With incredibly different attitudes about different things. This completely overlooks sees issues of race identity ideology, intersectional communities, I honestly think that this kind of statement, the trump campaign's like bring it on because it's just GonNa be used to divide and conquer Democratic voters.

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