Tibetan Yoga for Health and Wellbeing


Hi, Allie welcome to the PODCAST. I'm Madeo. Thank you very much for having me. I'm really excited to talk about we haven't had anybody on the podcast that is speaking directly to yoga and breath work in the way that you teach install very excited to have you today. Thank you I. You know excited and I, Love Hey House and. That last book of Tibet. The newer for health and wellbeing. This is my passion. So yes, excellent. Excellent. There's a there's a number of things I'd like to talk about with you today including your. Your advice on integrating meditation and Yoga into our everyday life and are busy schedule as well as your work with Yoga and breath work in a clinical medical sending including with your with cancer patients. But I, I like to ask you about how you got here how we got here with you, and maybe we can start with your own yoga and meditation training under your revered teachers in Nepal and India. So can you give us a brief version of of how you began your studies to help us situate where you're learning has is coming from Sure sure. Emmy see how brief I can. So really when with the Tibetan tradition, it really started when I in my first trip to India in nineteen, eighty nine. And I was really looking for teacher. I wasn't sure if it was going to be an Indian teacher Tibetan teacher I was more familiar with the teachers I did get to meet with Yuji Christian motifs of not the famous one JD. Wonderful Yuji Chris for more and more. And then some g my analogy, and then actually when I met the two BETTON SAT in La. It really started inspiring me and particularly the way that. They had this devotion to the picture of its own is a Lama and I have to admit I didn't know too much about His Holiness yet. But then doing the trip. It was when he was. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize I was actually cashier at that time I remember reading that in the US favor now it's like Wow so happy a give my mom. My Dad had been awarded the prize and and and I said, I need to meet this man. In fact that evening they showed on the Indian TV. Heart of Tibet. That I la that was actually the forward or was by pressing Carter. And I. So I went from touch me to down silos where the Delilah was. It was. During that time, he was the fortieth anniversary of the children village. That's the first time I saw him talk. Then I went for you know a public interview and I kind of. was trying to be there as much as I could and at the same time I got my first. Personal teacher, which was you should origin. Bodies, Yogi. And he was particularly into the tradition of true and. Whether he was the Weatherman for the Dalai Lama. and. I started training with them I. Did my longer with him or started the non right ended up seventy slater finishing That really led me to come back towards t Tina where I'm originally from. And really start devoting a lot of time to practice and then was in ninety one that. I, I met a number no group chain that he came to Argentina I nine, hundred ninety and I am Alejandra can I can I just mention here that that sort of what you're talking about a little bit is that when the Tibet you mentioned that you met the Delami in in in northern India in Dharamsala. And this is after for our listeners who don't know the when the Dalai Lama a came into exile when he left Bet in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, nine, he and about two, hundred thousand. Refugees settled in the northern regions of India and where the Dalai Lama lived was Dharmsala, and so that was one of the first places that you went to in. That is sort of this hub of the Tibetan diaspora that is sort of surrounds the Dalai Lama, and then eventually Tibetans have gone of course throughout the world and there's two. Betton. Buddhist. Centers throughout the world and so you were kind of a beneficiary. You came along in nineteen, eighty, nine, nineteen ninety and started studying with some of these teachers who weren't only in India around the dilemma. But who had gone elsewhere you mentioned non-pwi Norbu Rhumba Jay who had gone to to Italy, and then there were other centers where you were living in Argentina. Yes, and so I. I did consider you know for for some time Don, Sala my second home I spend many months there. And that's where actually ish adorned pitches monastery wall. So. As, you said Dharamsala was this hub and I really considered my second home. I spent many months there intermittently going from there to other places and back, and that is really were you had his monastery and and. So meeting the Dalai Lama and trying to be as much as possible with them. But also really having a personal teacher like you should was really important to me so that when I came back to Argentina that I felt there was no one there in luckily I was wrong was a small. Karma Kagyu Center. And also kind of a unique center the first teacher I met when when I go towards. Metering And then Nunca Norman as I mentioned the Nunca over pitcher was a big change for me. In the way he taught. So the Tony Brooke he brought the teachings. Into everyday

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