Achievement Vs. Fulfillment: Which Do You Want More?


Right so. He has no last week at Lake POW with my family, and we had an amazing relaxing vacation, which is really good problem with the entrepreneurial brain. US EP entrepreneur personality types. When we try to relax, we can't and it drives US crazy. Because we gotta be moving forward momentum, right and so. I started thinking about projects and things I wanna to do things that are fun and like. I know some years know that I am working on eventually writing next book, which could be the bootstrap book Tunnicliffe Story, but the problem is Cleveland Stories and that done. Yes I. Don't know where it's going to go or source was kind of like this things in the back burner that I'm going to do someday. It's not a huge rush. But I'm excited for that, but I was like I almost any something fun to be creating right like I dunno, as a creator, I need to create sure has the same way right and and I'm creating. You know we have the New Tacoma Quebec's coaching programs creating a lot of fun i. want something just. Excited enjoy this is fun and lighthearted deadlines or thing just to create to create right. It's all I had an idea. For Project, I'm going to tell you the details, the name or anything. Other than it's, it's going to be the one and only time I ever talk about personal development. Anyway, right marketing guy that's. Sick with but obviously I've had access to a lot of people. Most people have access to in this world and its lifetime, and had a chance to learn from some amazing people and. Wanted to create this thing I don't know what it's GonNa. Be I duNNo, if it's a real book of it's like a book feminine, just giving away for free as the lead magnet, I have no idea. But. The title I'll tell you. The subtitle subtitle is the science of achievement. The art fulfillment in Vero Tony Robbins Talk. He talks about a lot of times to master masters signs of achievement where the had know the science and how to achieve anything, and then you have to master the art of fulfillment and funny, because he talks about a lot of times, but always struggle with that personally. Because he doesn't go deep into the whole thing you know, and so at Lake Powell this week thinking about this sure thing about the art and the science. And the science of treatment is lost. If I talked about anyway, you know here's the step-by-step, I? Here's the things you need to do things in this order and you have success, but the article films I personally struggle with like I'm such an achiever. I want to this this this and you. What's next on each next thing the next thing he moving towards? Running towards this this invisible goal that we don't really know what it is. I think a lot has producers and entrepreneurs and people like me and probably you. With the film, and like, how do you feel fulfilled and cinching? Is that the article film? It's tough because it's like art. It's not like the science sciences like here's the things to do to get the thing like this art fulfillment and I've always struggled and so as I was thinking about putting together this project. I started thinking about that and I started. Just think signs of cheating. My brain goes GonNa Mike Okay. I'm Jim achiever. Boom here's the thing. But then I started realizing that like the the the path of achievement the article film. It's almost the opposite like a union being and I served Rosina's like. Oh my gosh, they're looking deeper. Different topics have been concepts I was like. Oh, my gosh is true and so many things. Then you realized before so for example. This example shared kind of help s even what I'm. I had. Everyone talks about morning routines right. If you follow any of the fitness, guys, a health and fitness, the bio hackers the the entrepreneurs they all talk about you gotTa have more routine Tina's structure and things like that? You GotTa wake and you gotTa know. This always seems right. Talked about morning and starts accusing to do before you go to bed to increase your sleep patterns in all sorts, and and that's very scientific writes the science of achievement like do you want to have more success? You create habits. Can Habits been creating a routine thirteen? You stick the routines I think that outcome and eventually you have success, right and other big believer that actually so I'm making fun of by any stretch. It is part of the. The the science of Chiba having that right so if you by the way struggled achieving things in the past, maybe because you don't have. Scientific like you just do these things and the outcome happens just magic. It! Just it just works. So there's a science of the problem though is, is it doesn't create fulfillment. Stickney for second I did a podcast about this six months ago or something. I was in I was in. I was in Puerto Rico with brand new Bouchard big. Bunch people and one of the guys there there's getting create. Clements and Craig was We're sitting there and he started talking about. Our brains where he said you know a lot of. Older. Years of getting shorter wait times flying rallies, and actually true, so the reason why is because your brain looks for patterns of the same thing happening over and over and over again deletes them. because. It's like I. don't even remember this because dude. Every single morning we do see every single week every single thing. As, we said he said so literally, your brain is deleting nothing's happening, and so your life seems shorter because it literally is shorter because those memories, it's like Hey, every morning from nine from seven ten, the same things under remember this because the same deleted, and so because you use five hours in your memory every day and see life years go faster days go faster faster and your life goes faster. He said that the problem is he's like he's like. If you. If you want to extend you, know, extend time You have to create called him event horizons! PODCAST? Talk a lot about him, but it was interesting because he's like this mastermind group in the very first year we did it. We all in Wyoming would flew helicopters shotguns. We rode horses. It was crazy right and he was like I was an event. Horizons remember that experience for the rest of my life is the second year master. Makina Puerto, Rico it was amazing. Place. It was amazing. Is this is year? Three and we're in Puerto Rico is. I can have an amazing time. Basically, the problem is is this experience is so similar to lash. Most of it's going to get deleted from my memory, and it's just GonNa be on. Our brain will just lead because it's like Oh, this is routine done. This before is like you lose that and I think he was trying to get us to do some crazy night. 'cause he's like when you criticize horizon right now and he wanted to I can't remember what the thing was. We had some crazy thing like to stick this in our brains. We don't lose moment of this experience because it's it's. It was so similar to think before and horizon, start thinking. I'm like. Oh, my Gosh, like if you think about these things, this is the union the Yang of of fulfillment half of. The are the the science of achievement in the article. In the game because if you want, do you want to cheat me? When she the thing you need to create structure and routine and the singer where you just do the things that create the result at the end. Is, you do that, and so because boom towards you're getting achievement, right with problems, your brains lean section every single day and I'll send your your days. Your lives words. You're not fulfilled. You're not getting the article film that because of that, and so the article film is the opposite. It's the literal opposite of this first thing right it. Is You coming in? In, saying we're not going to do routine, we have to do these crazy things with extensive life extensive happens. We fill fulfillment in the moment, and it's the scene in the Yang

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