A Coronavirus Update with Dr. Steven Taback


Look I know we've all had about enough of this. Kobe, nineteen thing we're tired of the politics of it. We're tired of the endless conflicting reports what we should do what we shouldn't do what we should wear and not wear you know surfaces transferred disease, or maybe they don't. We're ready to open schools. We can open restaurants, baseball, or maybe we're not. Oh and please don't blame my co host for this opening. I didn't tell them about it and so forgive him, and you can blame me. This is a particular pleasure today. I, get to chat it up with my very best friend. Dr Steven Taback. who also just happens to be? The quadruple board certified doctor of Internal Medicine Pulmonary Disease Critical Care and neuro critical care whatever that means. He's also on the frontlines fighting the COVID battle for us every day at his hospitals, which were eternally grateful for and by the way he saved my dad's life twice. Dr Steven Tailback. You Doing Stephen? Doing great good to hear you in and see you at least virtually anyway. It's weird, isn't it? We would normally see each other all the time right at least twice a week during the week, and then on the weekends dinner, and by the way I know you've been teetotalling for like three months. You'RE GONNA have to explain that to the group why I am drinking the mcallen twenty-five that you gave me for my birthday, so thank you very much happy birthday. I'm glad to see that. You still have some left in the bottle as of. mid-may. So, why is it? YOU'RE NOT DRINKING STEVE? From my perspective thing on the front lines you Wanna do everything you can to. Protect yourself immunologically, and so my goal was to optimize my immune system, considering the fact that there is no scene, but in order to optimize one's immune system. You want to eat healthier. You WanNa sleep better. And when I looked at the things that I was doing in my life I was not exercising as much as I would have liked to. My sleep was always fragmented. Fragmented and I do know. The alcohol suppresses the immune system not that I. You know I have more than probably one drink a week. When I see you I. Never drink otherwise, but nevertheless I felt that in order to really give myself the best possible defense against this miserable virus I should do. Everything could now to optimize my immune system until you you eating differently to. Eating Vegan I've been avoiding caffeine which has helped my my sleep tremendously of avoided alcohol I've started back on a regular exercise, so exercise has something to do with your immune system absolutely exercises very important for your immune system why it's a very good question I'm not sure I have an answer is simple answer as to why, but exercised absolutely increase the circulation. It stimulates your your. Your metabolic rate kind of wakes up your cells, and it optimizes cellular performance and metabolic performance, and at the end of the day. That's what your immune system is is the doing constant surveillance of cancer cells is doing constant surveillance for viruses and bacteria, and you wanted at optimal performance, but you're telling me that a glass of macallan twenty five is not so good for my. My immune system. It's certainly not good for your immune system. Now the question is, does it actually have any deleterious effects truly having a glass? You know a week or so probably not, but what would it do to your system? That would affect your immune system. What we do know that you do have we call Milo suppression and Rith Rope Suppression. That is you stop manufacturing red. Red Blood Cells. People who use alcohol to excess clearly are have increased susceptibility to bacterial infections viral infections. They manufacture less red blood cells so obviously they're gonNA. have difficulty adequately getting oxygen to vital organs. Organs are going to suffer in terms of their peak performance speaking of having a little fun with it. I'M GONNA put your feet to the fire a little bit right away. Before months ago, Steve we had the honor of being joined by Dr Suzanne Donovan, who broached the concept of this corona virus and you guys? We're talking about it. And I almost could hear battle hymn of the Republican, the background and a Glory Glory Hallelujah and you guys were talking about how America was so strong and so well designed as far as our health care system. We really knew what we were doing. Chances are this corona. Thing wasn't going to be a big deal for us as it would be potentially some other parts of the world. That was then. This is now a steve. The US has four percent of the world's population and we're currently running at twenty five percent of the world, global cases and deaths. Why is that first and foremost? Let's say that the superpower of the world absolutely blew it as far as efficiency in terms of testing in terms of reporting in terms of personal protective equipment. We really were not ready, even though we could have been ready, we missed multiple steps in the preparatory process.

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