Poll shows Americans support Black Lives Matter but resist shifts of police funds or removal of statues


And talk with co Most Bill O'Neill, Emily. We do see a strong amount of support for the overall message. Don't wait. We found that a majority of Americans supported the Black lives matter movement and that was across different races and ethnicities, including a majority of white people. Now, however, when it comes to defunding Police Department's there clearly is some pause in these numbers as well. Right. We found a lot less. We didn't find majority support for cutting back police funds spend more money on social services. 40% of Americans supported such a move and 55% opposed. That included majorities a majority of Democrats who supported cutting back funding for police departments and spending that money on social services instead. But a small 14% my minority of Republicans. The same. 84% of Republicans are opposed to defending the police and among independents, 53% were opposed, and 42% were in support. Now. The survey also took a look at the removal of statues and symbols that may be tied to the slavery era. The civil war. And there is some opposition to that as well, Right. We've found that there were narrow majorities of people saying they oppose removing public statues honoring Confederate generals, 43% of Americans supported their removal. A wide majority of Republicans and a small majority of independence are opposed to this, while 74% of Democrats supported the removal of statues of Confederate general. But we also asked about removing statues of former U S presidents who owned enslaved people, and an even greater share of Americans are opposed to that 68%. Totally. Is there any sense that these numbers may be shifting? His time has gone by that. I don't have earlier measurement of how people feel about taking down statues. But we've looked at some of these questions We've asked in the past. Two about race in America and police as well, and one of the things we asked about was whether black people and other minorities receive equal treatment as white people in the criminal justice system. And in the question when we asked this this week, we found that 69% of Americans said that white people do not hurt that black people and other minorities do not receive equal treatment of white people in the criminal justice system, and that was a 15 point from when we last asked in 2014 That's polling analyst Emily Gus can read more online at washingtonpost dot com. Almost Bill O'Neill Mobile news time. 10 19 road to the White House. Joe Fighting was courting minority groups. Canada Joe

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