Giants' Kapler kneels with players during anthem


That The number one headlines across the country, and maybe even here locally are going to center around the national anthem and what happened with the Giants players and coaches and manager During the national anthem. Gabe Kapler took any several Giants players Jalen Davis and Mike Extreme Ski in Austin. Slater were among them. And John Richardson, one of the Giants coaches was on any other Giants players, seemingly even if they weren't kneeling down in solidarity. I think that is going, Tio Generate a lot of discussion around the country and we saw a quick Word from the giantsclubhouse sort of like in a Cactus League game. Players who leave the game are made available for comments. I think it was Kevin Gausman, who commented on it and said, Hey, we're all here to support each other, and the message before the game was with the first anthem coming up. Since this restart that whatever anybody does, you're going to be supported around here. It's your choice and will support you. And so anyway, I have a feeling that's gonna generate a lot of discussion with the Giants did tonight. Well, I think so. And

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