050 - I Never Knew My Next Move: Brian Reith - burst 09


Waiting, what do they want me to do next I? Really really do empathize with that, and so of course by this time you've talked about you've you've earned trust? And for that reason you've released a few EP's a mix tape at least two studio albums. You've been signed to a few different labels. All of that good stuff. Your career was really. On a roll, and then I remember I, think couple years ago I was just doing my youtube deep dive and I saw this I guess many documentary or something like that where you were about to signed with a pretty big label. Of course I don't think that happened, so so what happened? So Goatee. Post Goatee Calvin. My manager and I were figuring out. Okay, what what because? This was such a weird time in music like The industry was collapsing and the hadn't figured out streaming yet. You know it, just it. It was a really hard time for everybody, and so we were like man. What what do we do like I'm to? This isn't true, but I felt like I was too mainstream. For Christian to Christian for mainstream, not not that that was true, but that just felt like those those lanes were so polar opposite that like

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