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Welcome to good night stories rebel girls. I am Sadie from Nashville I'm eight years old and I'm interviewing Cristina. Mittermeier was the narrator of last week's episode of good night's toys for girls. If you haven't heard last week's episode now is a good time to go back and check it out. Christina, would you like to introduce yourself? My name is Christina Mittermeier I am a national geographic photographer I'm the CO founder of see legacy and like Jane Goodall I also love animals. I am the mother of three children. All of whom Love Tyson and they all love stories about Jayne good. Why did you create see legacy? I created see legacy because I wanted photography an adventure to be an invitation for everybody by publishing my phonograph on my stories on social media, everyday I tried to invite people and share what I. Love about the oceans with everybody. What makes you a rebel thorough? What makes me a rebel girl is that? I grew up in the mountains of central Mexico, but my dream was to swim with dolphins. Everybody told me that I couldn't do it. Because this was not for girls, but like chains mother, my mother champion me, and she said if you WanNa, go swim with dolphins, you have to find a way to get to university and become a marine biologist, and that's exactly what I did. When did you first become interested in photography? And can you tell us what type of photography or most interested in when I finish my studies in University to be a marine biologist I realized that our oceans were in a lot of trouble. Pollution overfishing. All of these things were threatening. The ocean and I wanted to help just like Jane wanted to help Tim Pansies. I thought that science was going to be the tool. I could use to help, but I realized that people are more. In learning from stuff that they understand they can see. Photography became the tool that allow me to communicate with many more people about not just help beautiful the oceanus for all the things we can do to help. When I started my career, photographer I wanted to be a nature photographer. Kasai love animals. I soon realized that I really had a lot more talent to tell stories about people, so my photography became a combination of my love of nature and my interest in people, and then a become an underwater photographer so today I use my camera to tell stories about animals in the ocean and the relationship that humans have with the largest ecosystem on our planet our ocean. Photography allowed people all over the world to see the amazing work. Jane was doing with chimpanzees. What's your favorite thing about photography? My favorite thing about photography is that it's a universal language. It is something that we all understand today. We all have cameras in our telephones, and that makes us all photographers is something. We all know how to do really well and so much like photography National Geographic Allow Jane Goodall to share his stories with a very large audience, so to has my camera on my work with National Geographic, allow me to share the story of our oceans and the importance of protecting the largest. On our planet, our ocean. What is it venture? Mean to you? A venture for me is having the courage to step through the of things that I. Don't know yet sometimes that means getting in the water with a whale, or the shark sometimes means getting on stage with the large number of people and speaking in public. The most important thing about my work is that I wanted to be an. An invitation to adventure for everybody the natural world is there for all of us to enjoy and I. Want my work to be an invitation to you. How do you stay positive in the world? That doesn't always care for the environment. The reason I stay positive in a world that doesn't always care for the environment is that I am the mother of three kids their own much older now, but. I want for them to have the kind of planning that I have come to love and enjoy I want them to be able to go out into nature and spend time with wild animals, and to know that they have a future in a living planet, so I have no choice but stay positive. What's one thing? Young rebel girls can do to protect the oceans are oceans are the largest ecosystem on our planet, and we know so little about how they work. So what we need is more girls to go into. The scientists become marine biologist become underwater photographer filmmakers so that together we can tell the story of how beautiful and important our oceans are thanks Christina.

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