Emotions and Fear Show Us What We Are Truly Capable Of



My guest today is somebody. Some of you might follow regularly Aubrey Marcus. He's a modern day philosopher. He's the author of the bestseller own the day in an entrepreneur of the wellness company on it. You might think of Aubrey as a bio hacker whose general approach is total human optimization. But we catch up with him. Discover what optimization looks like during a pandemic. And what we learn is practices and perspectives to simply accept what's happening day by day. Welcome Aubrey. How are you? Doing well, thank you good to talk to you wonderful to talk to you, I think last we saw each other was many years ago. Either on a mountain top or a boat. It was at the mountain. Actually yeah, that was the first time and I remember. That was the first time I tried to music. which is great, but I think the recent improvements to the s have been really welcomed. I love everything that you guys have done with that I think you so much. It's super appreciated. So. Let's dive into your work and what you've been working on recently, but somebody who spend their life thinking about how to optimize every day and make the most from every day. How do you think about making the most from a day? That's during pandemic or a riot? Well, it's interesting. I think you have to be aware. I mean awareness is really the key, and I think you have to be aware of any pressure that's coming from the collective and a lot of times. We think of ourselves as isolated, but we're really not were interconnected beings, and we really feel what's. What's going on so I think it's just having awareness that we're going to be sensitive to everything that's happening and that sensitivity might cause us to actually wall off even more and become less sensitive, just because it's a bit overwhelming, and all of this is fine. There's no judgment any action, or we might really engage with it and just feel it all or some combination of both and I've certainly experienced all of that. We at some points I just WanNa turn everything off and just unplug from everything that's happening at large and then other times. I WanNa Watch, everything and. And talk to everybody and get out there in the mix and see what's happening out there in the world, and really feel it, but other than that. I think it's really for me. I'm writing my new book, so that's kind of forced isolation. anyways, you can't really do a lot when you're dedicated to writing under a deadline, so it hasn't been too different lifestyle for me. Other than just managing what's happening in the collective is you support other people to manage? What's going on right now? I think this is a time to really lean into the personal practices, so whatever those. Those things are that are the best for you. I have a host of them. I'm sure a lot of the listeners do as well the muse being one of them, but there's so many other words like breath work for example at spent a good amount of time with Wim Hof and the combination of the breath in the cold is a great way to shift state. GET CLARITY, move emotions so I. think that's been really valuable. I'm a big proponent of ecstatic dance, and for those of you who don't understand what ecstatic dance is. It's not dancing on ecstasy. It's actually. Moving your body in direct superfluity with the music, so that it's collapsing the mind and creating this kind of trance state where you're just moving without thought without self judgment, and that will actually put you into that translates really ancient practice at a lot of different traditional have engaged in are these ceremonial dances, and really you can do it by yourself for there's ecstatic dances that are hosted around the country to participate in dance I would. Would go to something in Toronto called the move. Where Hopley one hundred people would get together and dance for about a two hour period over this amazing arc of music, so it start off slow, and it would come to this ecstatic he crescendo, and then soothe you back down again. It was incredible to just let everything go and just dance, and just be yourself in the moment. There's no gentleman from anybody. Everybody's doing their own thing. And with the pandemic, obviously, that became very impossible. You don't want one hundred people in a crowded studio and so now been dancing with my four year old. Exactly! Living Room. Let's put it on no judgment. Go Wild have fun. He gets on. The trampoline goes crazy and we just do it. That's the beauty of being a kid. Is You just move and express freely without really worrying about what you look like? I think dancing is one of those things that we have so much judgment attached to how we move. It's like a performance even when we're dancing by herself. So really kind of just getting rid of that whole construct, and allowing yourself to move again, so much of our motion and everything is really stored semantically in the body as a great book called. Called the body keeps the score really makes that case brilliantly, but it's allowing yourself to move and shake just like a dog runs into the screen doors. Something like the first thing they do, is they? Shake it off well. We don't really shake it off very well. We have a lot of things that disturb in trouble our mind, but were not really moving it through our body. An effective way so dancing is absolutely one of my favorite ways to do that. Dancing and breathing. I mean those are really absolutely my go-to Stephanie

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