Tuesday 21 July - burst 05


Five Rasta by rushing INFO interference in the brexit referendum, and there's a long mix mixers provided six lines of of Alba Information, nothing more, which is quite remarkable. Anything I think for for listeners and people who are kind of thinking about these huge political events. We know that international actors especially Russia hub choice involved in other electoral contests like in America and I think it's quite incredible to see the. The questions been asked and was striking. Is What was the way this is being framed? Because last night was briefings in British newspapers. Basically saying that this report is going to say it had nothing to do with the referendum, but Russia had been involved with the Scottish referendum actually again reading this basis. We can't say these things because we haven't done questions that we have found out the information. Well, if the intelligence services haven't gone looking for this stuff as your book demonstrates, you have. Moving on a bit from Russia report when you talk about democracy for sale that being the title of the book, What's a? What's a specific instance of the kind of thing you're talking about a trying to bring a big story here down to a smaller one? Well this, actually this whole kind of book, this whole project would have been almost spent three years working on kind of started and quite remarkable way that I wasn't expecting. I was actually in Sunderland in the northeast of England a few days before the brexit referendum. And what I what I was there? I was leaving working for the Irish Times of his I

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