Airlines Near 50,000 Job Cuts as American, United Feel Squeeze


Couldn't wait for lawmakers in Washington to pause and use Chandler's bill already beginning to lay off thousands of workers. This add to the job concept announced across industries from energy to finance our global economics and policy. Aditya Kathleen Hays this year Kathleen the Airlines one bluffing when they said it was make or break time, I mean, we had from back in allies United Airlines. Why now? Why today Because they made it very clear that by this time by the end of the third quarter by the beginning of the fourth quarter, they would need to have more funding on the Sunday news shows. David Parker, the CEO of American Airlines. Made this point very clear. He was so optimistic that Congress the White House could get it together and get something passed. But they haven't In fact, so today this afternoon. No surprise. It was why the advertised American Airlines. Ling off 19,000 workers. Parker's saying that we're not done fighting. In fact, he says they can reverse the layoffs if aid is extended in the next few days, Congress adjourns November sees me this Friday, October 2nd And they'll be not back until mid November. So unless they change that the clock is ticking even louder. I guess you could say that United announcing 13,000 workers being laid off those job cuts also Beginning immediately. So, meanwhile, you know He said. It was just me. The House Democrats were supposed to vote on their their stimulus package, which is supposedly very much like the old 12 point to, maybe, but maybe raising a bit of $2.4 trillion But they postpone that before a meeting of Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, the Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin. They met for 90 minutes. They didn't come out with anything definite, however. Steven, you did say they're making progress. And then he was on Fox business today. And hey, said that quote here it is. The president has instructed us to come up. On the amount of stimulus they're willing to pass. Come up significantly, so we have come up from the $1 trillion deal. Wow. He also told Fox business he sees the stimulus bill costing between 1.5 and $2.2 Trillion. He also said that he and Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, spoke with the president before they had their meetings on Capitol Hill and Trump has already said that he's willing to pay up to $1.5 trillion to pass the paper pass a bill that big and also remember the Democrats. The Republicans Trump Mr Mnuchin. Larry Kudlow, the White House chief economic advisor have been talking about Let's do some targeted stimulus. This country brings us right back to the airlines. Why This is so highly visible. What It seems to be the element that is putting the pressure higher now for them to do something. Maybe this week.

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