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Anything. You could ever want in that regard It's all right there for you. How about last week by the way. Both. Of Us Nail The Sunday night and Monday night best bets. Got The raiders game right the giants saints over in fact, four best pets for you and I steve were right. The steelers were the only wrong one. So for the week with some of those fancy bets, you did you were up seven point, six units. I was up six units. So overall Europe seven point six, even heading into week eight and I'm up for Unit. So coming off a good week and we both are in the black, which is nice. Let's keep it rolling. All right. Let's do it. Bri-. All. Right. Tonight Cincinnati minus eleven at home against the Cleveland browns forty five and a half the total. Well we already know Johnny Mandel is starting. He did win I guess his only start. So far this year bengals pretty much on a roll. Man. And the browns don't have winner. Don't have Hayden. Eleven is a lot of points, Steve. I almost feel like they're tempting US and daring us to take the Cleveland browns and you know what it worked putting one unit on the browns. Just because I want to make the game more interesting eleven. Point is a lot for an in state rivalry game like this. Yeah I. Agree with you remember this is the game last year they Andy Dalton imploded at home and couldn't do anything the Bengals lost by twenty one and home to the browns. So how will we respond to that Problem is my power make this game fourteen. So I don't lay eleven that's not an area code I drive and much less get out and park I will say I. WanNa Address Rossier seeing tempting you. I think that's a myth of the bookmakers. The bookmakers are just trying to balance. So maybe the better tempting to take the better came in with both both fifth and laid the opener ten and that's why it's up to eleven. Art Steve. Moving onto the Sunday games, the Pittsburgh steelers at home minus four and a half points against the Oakland Raiders Raiders going back east total their forty-eight. talk about how bad the raiders are when they head East and how bad they are off a win how bad must be off two wins hasn't happened in a long time that they got three in a row but this isn't The Raiders of two thousand, Ten legitimately feel this is. Arguably above average raider team, the steelers have no bell. So they gave away that game against Cincinnati defense played very well for the steelers. Despite all the trends I actually leaned to Oakland. In this game, I've become a believer in the raiders, but I just refuse to play them. 'cause the treads are so bad against them. Yeah this is an interesting one i. think the steelers are going to win the game but you're right about you know no lady on Bell and how well the raiders playing right now there is the dynamic of everybody telling them how great they are I'm GonNa put one unit on the raiders because I'm not sure without lady on bell they're not the better team right now and they're getting four and a half points. I'll just put one unit on and then next week I'll talk about how I regret it. Are Ross Jacksonville at the New York jets jets minus six and a half points forty one and a half the total. Looks like Ryan Fitzpatrick's going to start even though they've said that he needs surgery on that dumb that it's a pain tolerance issue it doesn't sound real good, but it must be okay if he's good enough to go Jacksonville coming off a by they got that big win against Buffalo in London the week before. So they're feeling themselves a little bit. This feels like it's got to be a a bounceback game for the jets they were they didn't just. To the raiders I thought they were pretty much embarrassed in that game. I can't believe how badly they played defensively or I don't know if you want to give credit to the raiders. That's fine. How well the raiders played offensively but same difference it wasn't good I expected jets to bounce back. I'm just not not gonNa lay six naff points the jet to that kind of team but I would lean with the jets in this one if I had to. And breaking news this just came up it was only the one sportsbook it just came up at the premium sports in the world bookmaker totals up to forty four and the spread they open at seven and a half which I think is crazy given all the problems with Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick and his His injured some. So at that forty four I'm going under. I don't see where the points are coming without without Brandon Marshall and I'm sure everyone else is going to see if the way I'm seeing it probably going to bet the same thing. So under forty three and a half, that's the current number right as we're taping two units. All Right Steve Speaking of the under thirty nine and a half points as the total for St. Louis at Minnesota Vikings mine two and a half points at thirty nine and a half is the lowest of the week. Yeah. To comparable teams. I can see why the lowest total yards per player actually quite good. But all they do is run the ball I really think that carbon copy teams, but Saint Louis does what Minnesota does they just do it a little bit better and girly is an absolute beast.

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