The Hillside Stranglers Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono Jr.

Serial Killers


Last time we examined Angelo and Kenny's turbulent childhoods. They're toxic attitudes toward women and their first three murders. Today will cover the series of strangulations that had Los Angeles on edge as well as the fateful falling out that brought the cousins on done. We've got all that and more coming up stay with us. More by early November, nineteen, seventy seven cousins, forty-three-year-old Angelo Bono Junior and twenty, six year old Kenny Bianchi Felton principle they'd raped and murdered three women and loved it. There I. Two victims were sex workers known to frequent the sunset strip and their most recent kill was an aspiring professional dancer and waitress but to Angelo and Kenny they were all the same. The cousins tossed the naked bodies of all three women along the. Roads and hillsides of Los Angeles noticing the similarities between the murders authorities suspected they had a serial killer on their hands and they quickly -duced that the killer wasn't working alone the lack of fingerprints, footprints and tire tracks at each dumpsite suggested that the killer had help. There was no way one person could carry and dump the bodies alone but not wanting to tip the killers off police withheld their theory from the media. then. Again, there wasn't much media attention on the murders yet and with little coverage in the press Angelo and Kenny felt free to choose their next victim on the streets of Hollywood and this time they wanted to be more discerning in who they picked. Angelo had a taste for strawberry blondes and firmly believed that younger was always better. If they were going to commit a crime, they figured the woman had to be. Worth it. She had to be beautiful enough to kill in Hollywood. It's not hard to find looks to die for and on November Ninth Nineteen, Seventy seven Angelo and Kenny noticed a striking blonde waiting at a bus stop along the sunset strip twenty-eight-year-old Jane King was a stunner who'd look years younger than her age she was perfect. Kenny approached the aspiring actress with a friendly smile and took a seat beside her on the. Ever the charmer he engaged Jane in friendly conversation for a few minutes carefully building a rapport with her as he listened to. Jane chataway Kenny. Feign surprise when Angelo pulled up beside them in the Cadillac playing the part Angelo offer them both a ride home which Kenny readily accepted Jane hesitated at first. But when Kenny flashed a badge and told her, he was in the police reserves, she happily got into the car.

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