The Supreme Court Fight


President. Trump will reportedly nominate Amy Cockney Barrett, a favorite of social conservatives to be the new Supreme Court justice. The president's decision to be officially revealed at the White House later today. Has been confirmed to the BBC's US partners, CBS News and other U S media. She would replace the Progressive Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last Friday. Nomination will set off a bitter Senate fight to get her confirmed as November's White House election looms. Our correspondent in California is David Willis. I asked him about Amy Cockney Barris Bad is a devout Catholic. The mother of seven and assuming her nomination is confirmed by the U. S Senate, she will be the youngest justice on the Supreme Court bench. At the age of 48 was seen as a front runner to succeed Ruth Beta Ginsburg, but she is nonetheless the ideological opposite. Of the woman that she is expected to replace. Miss Ginsberg was the leader of the liberal wing of the court and unequivocally pro choice. Of course, Ms. Barrett has called abortion in moral and since being appointed to the Court of Appeals by President Trump. 2017. She has twice ruled in favor of restricting access to abortion. Hence, liberals see her appointment is a potential threat to row versus Wade. That's the landmark 1973 ruling, which legalized abortion nationwide here. A lot of Republicans are very happy. Yes, Republicans on deed. The president's political advisors hope that this election will energize his conservative political base. Evangelicals, religious conservatives In particular Democrats. For their part, I think there may be hoping that this could inspire liberal voters to take to the polls in defense of amongst other things, Roe vs Wade in the past week. In fact, they pull several polls. Have shown that most Americans, including many Republicans, believe that the next Supreme Court justice should be selected by whoever wins the presidential election here in November, and not by Donald Trump. Before then, on that subject, though, there has been some speculation. Hasn't there that if the result of the November elections is disputed legally, that possibly this new lineup of judges could intervene on the president signed. Well, that's absolutely right. Bear in mind that last other justices have been improved in presidential election years. None has been voted on. After July And four years ago, Senate Republicans refused to even consider then President Obama's nomination on precisely those grounds that should be left to whoever Was chosen as the next president, but as well as key issues such as abortion and immigration, universal health care, the US Supreme Court could, as you say, be called upon. To adjudicate the outcome off this forthcoming presidential election. Should the result be disputed, as they're now seems every chance that it will be President. Trump has repeatedly claimed, of course, that the Democrats that trying to steal the election he seems Poised to challenge any result. Really, that doesn't declare him the winner, and this week he refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses, and that's why And he's made this quite plain. He wants toe rush his nominee through the Senate by Election Day. How large in the psyche of American voters do you think the lineup of the Supreme Court is The Supreme Court is important, whether or not it actually masses a great deal to the average voter is another matter. I mean, they shape large parts. Off life here and, of course, they are appointed for life and its therefore significant that Amy Cockney Barents confirmation would shift The center of gravity on the Supreme Court considerably to the right, giving conservatives six off the nine seats, possibly for many decades, and the replacement of a liberal icon move played against the with an outspoken conservative like Amy. Tony Barrett has been called the sharpest ideological swing in nearly three decades as Faras, the highest court in the land is concerned, so the potential implications of this are significant. How much They actually count as Faras Day to day living. His concern of Americans here I think is another matter. The

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