Shoot The Shot; Happy Hooters Mask; False Claims For A Ride


Tena is not the same thing out at the Fisher House. The Fisher House I know is a huge part of the country for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them. So they can concentrate on their therapies just having that assurance that no matter what as long as we were there for Anson, that someone would be there to take care of us. Took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to fisherhouse? Dot Org. Good Morning Everybody Bill Handel here. On a Saturday morning. Oh. It's GONNA be a hot one tomorrow. So we're in pretty. Good. SHAPE. Today. I almost put my long pants by big boy pants but now. I know. Why would I do that? All Right Rob Newton is sitting over there pretending to care, which is wonderful I've got jake sitting over there in the driver seat and Morgan coming in to figure out how to get the font bigger or Bringing magnifying glass one or the other I don't care. I yeah. I. Mean I can't. And I don't even oh better. Now, a little little better a little. Bigger now use made smaller. No is can we do I look? Really? Okay. That'll work. And that's Morgan. Our computer maven over there screening today.

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