Just walking up to the green. Now we're still another


Tom McCurdy with the final groups which are off the 17th T now. All three players great P shots into the 17th hole. The pen is on the very front left seven paces on seven patients from the left. You've got a bunker in the middle front of the green and one on the front left with the wind coming really hard from basically there. One o'clock seven o'clock. All three players very good intelligence shots middle of the green and talking about their ability to control ball flight. All three took Mohr Club took them off their swings, low punch shots. Everybody hit great shots. First one to play will be Taylor Pendrick, and he's on the back side. Now he's probably 30 32 ft for very downhill. The other two players air inside of him just walking up to the green. Now we're still another minute away from the ball being in motion, so that will give us an opportunity to break away for just a moment on the green. The group of Fishburne, Dough and McCarthy, putting out Nick Hardy, Paul Bar John and Jake Nap in the fairway, awaiting their shots to the green on our final group of the day, getting ready to put at 17, and we'll be back with more third round coverage presented by all angles and serenity. There's nothing quite like getting outdoors and enjoying everything Paul has to offer in this year shouldn't be any

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