Aviation industry rocked by furloughs amid COVID-19 pandemic


And the aviation industry was among the hardest hit by the Corona virus pandemic, and for months, government support has kept many airlines from furloughing or laying off their employees. But that support is coming to an end. CBS NEWS Chris Van Cleve has the story American started the year is the world's largest airline with about 140,000 Employees Cove it has devastated its business. On the government's payroll support program runs out next week. American will be 30% smaller overnight, 19,000 will lose their jobs and 15 cities will lose their service CEO Doug Parker. I just can't believe The winning, We may not be able to do the right thing simply because our elected officials can't come to any sort of compromise agreement. In a show of unity outside the capital this week, airline CEOs, union leaders and employees pleaded with Congress for another 25 billion in payroll support to halt as many as 76,000 furloughs and layoffs. Through at least march. This is really people. Moving their stuff into their cars and trying to figure out how to survive. There is rare bipartisan support in Congress and the White House that something should be done. But a covert relief package remains stalled, as is a Senate bill. Focus solely on airline aid. Chris Van Cleve Washington

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